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Things to Come

A Journal of Biblical Literature,
with Special Reference to Prophetic Truth.

The Official Organ of Prophetic Conferences.

E. W. Bullinger

Vol. IV July 1897 June 1898


October, 1897


Notes on the Acts of the Apostles

Contributed Articles:

1. First and Last Words in Scripture
By Dr. Bullinger

2. The Structure of the Books of the Bible
By the Rev. Dr. Bullinger

3. The Peopling of the Renewed Earth
By E. O. A. N. D.

Conference Addresses:

Fulfilled Prophecy and God's Word

Questions and Answers:

1. a. The translation of Enoch and Elijah
b. Was not Joseph taking to himself a wife of the Gentiles a type of the Church?
c. John 15:4, etc: 'Abide in Me."
d. John 14:3: 'I will come again and receive you unto Myself.'
e. 2 Corinthians 11:2: 'Husband.' Does this word refer to Christ?

2. Enoch

3. 'The breaking of bread'

Signs of the Times:

Jewish Signs
1. The Late Zionist Congress at Basle
2. The Return of the Jews Opposed by the Pope
3. Palestinian Exhibition at Hamburg

Political Signs:
The Clay and the Iron

Social Signs:
Modern Millionaires

Religious Signs:
1. Another Reproof from the World
2. The World's View of Religious Burlesque
3. "The Old Jonah Story"
4. "The Nonconformists and the Poor"

Editor's Table
Protestant Infallibility


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