The Haj by Leon Uris

The Haj
by Leon Uris

Reprint edition (June 1, 1985)
Bantam Books
ISBN: 0553248642


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Philologos Comments: This is a highly controversial book. From the reader comments, it appears that you will either love "The Haj" or hate it. Stop by and read the various opinions of the 18 or so reviews available and then decide for yourself.

Book Description: Leon Uris retums to the land of his acclaimed best-seller Exodus for an epic story of hate and love, vengeance and forgiveness. The Middle East is the powerful setting for this sweeping tale of a land where revenge is sacred and hatred noble. Where an Arab ruler tries to save his people from destruction but cannot save them from themselves. When violence spreads like a plague across the lands of Palestine--this is the time of The Haj. 


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