Healing the Land: A Supernatural View of Ecology
by Winkie Pratney

236 pages

Table of Contents


Part 1 Earth's Place in the Universe

1 Toward a Global Vision

2 Beginnings

3 Glasses on the Mind

4 Three Views of the World

Part 2 A World of Wonder

5 Earth is Unique

6 Three Life Exceptions to Natural Law

7 Nature, Soft of Foot and Fur

8 Animals: Creation Songs of Praise

9 Cleve Backster and His Potted Plants

Part 3 Healing the Land

10 Four Judgments of God on a Land

11 Restored: A New Heaven and a New Faith


1 Making Peace with Your Creator

2 Romans 8:18-23: Window to God's World

3 Agriculture and Moses

4 Agriculture through History

5 Topical Compendium of Scriptures on Ecology

6 Lexicon Summary for Words Rendered Land



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