In the Footsteps of Jesus by Bruce Marchiano In the Footsteps of Jesus 
by Bruce Marchiano

Hardcover - 300 pages (November 1997) 
Harvest House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1565077903

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From the back cover:

An an aspiring young actor in Hollywood, Bruce Marchiano had no idea what his future held, nor who was directing his life...

A commitment to Christ... a missionary journey... a meeting with a prominent South African film director... and an awe-inspiring role...

Bruce prepared for the role by immersing himself in the Word, praying for Jesus to reveal Himself...

Seven weeks later, filming began with cast and crew tuned to a single purpose...

Writing from the heart in conversational, friend-to-friend style, Bruce shares his gripping story of walking in the footsteps of Jesus — embracing blind men, dancing with children, loving those who hated Him, and giving His life on a wooden cross.  The actor also reveals his quest to understand the life of Christ and tells amazing stories of God's hand guiding and directing the entire production.

I would direct you to the many interesting reviews given on to get an idea of what an impact this book has made on the readers.


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