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A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 
by W. Phillip Keller

Hardcover - 96 pages (February 1, 2000) 
Zondervan Publishing House
ISBN: 0310977762 

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From Inside Jacket Cover:   
From the unique perspective of firsthand experience, Phil Keller presents a lively, interesting devotional commentary on one of the best-loved Bible passages.

Equipped with a shepherd's experience and insight, Mr. Keller leads and prods the reader to he greenest pastures of discovery and the coolest waters of fulfillment hidden in the "Shepherd Psalm."  Pleasure and enlightenment are the rewards for those willing to follow his careful leading.

Special emphasis is placed on the Shepherd of this Psalm. Revealed are His person and untiring desire to care for His sheep.  Each Christian reading here will be encouraged and delighted by the expressions of love that Christ extends to His followers.

Experience Psalm 23 in a new way:  see with the Shepherd's eyes, touch with His hands, feel with His heart through this intimate look into the full life of our Lord the Great Shepherd, and "the sheep of His pastures."


For more info on a shepherd's life, please see the online book "The Holy Land and the Bible: A Book of Scripture Illustrations gathered in Palestine" by Cunningham Geikie, chapter 10.


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