Pagans in the Pews : Protecting Your Family and Community from the Pervasive 
Influence of the New Spirituality 
by Peter Jones

Textbook Binding - 288 pages (November 2001) 
Regal Books
ISBN: 0830727981

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Description: At the dawn of a new millennium, two worldviews collide: paganism and theism - the earth goddess versus the God who made the heavens and the earth. At the heart of our culture wars are spirit wars. And this clash is happening right now in our living rooms! Within a single generation, Judeo-Christian America has become a breeding ground for the new paganism. Behind the dazzling diveristy of pro-choice culture - abortion rights, the homosexual agenda, radical feminism, New Age Spirituality, goddess worship and witchcraft - lies a coherent pagan spirituality bent on absolute control of our culture and intolerant of any truth that stands in opposition. Pagans in the Pews is essential reading for the Church today.

Philologos Comment:
I started reading this book and was confronted with a lot of isms--monism, theism, syncretism, etc. and thought to myself that this is over my head and I subsequently put the book aside. It was a gift so I thought I'd better give it another try. I grabbed my dictionary and started over and I am so very glad that I did. This is a ground-breaking work that pulls the mask off of the spiritual warfare being waged in and around our churches, especially here in the United States, ultimately for the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on earth. Gnosticism (the need for hidden self-proclaimed knowledge for salvation) parading as New Age spirituality is revealed to be Old Age paganism dressed up in modern garb. There is not one area of our lives that has not been touched by this deadly heresy. Read about:

The Destructive Generation: From Berkeley to Washington; 
The Sexual Revolution as Government Policy; 
Destruction of the Christian Culture; 
The Same Old Alternatives: Christianity and Paganism; 
Christian Liberalism: Crisis and Conversion; 
Christian Liberalism and Ancient Gnosticism: Long-Lost Cousins; 
Dismantling the Bible; 
The Use and Misuse of Scriptures; 
"Pro-Choice" Hermeneutics; 
Genesis 1-3: A Feminist View of the Garden; 
The Text: Anything You Want It To Be; 
God Versus Goddess (Sophia); 
The Heart of Gnosticism is the Heart of Paganism: Man is God; 
The New Sexuality (Androgyny, Homosexuality, Feminism); 
The New Spiritual Experience; 
The Gnostic Sacraments; 
Queer Millennium. 

Not a casual read (it helps if you are well-versed in all the ism theology) but worth the extra effort. As the author states "The 60s came of age in the 90s" and just think of the "me generation" now all grown up and running the world, injecting that world-view into every aspect of society with a special emphasis on their "New Age" spirituality. What a drag.


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