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Occult Invasion by Dave Hunt

Table of Contents

Occult Invasion: The Subtle Seduction of the World and Church
by Dave Hunt

Paperback - 647 pages (March 1998) 
Harvest House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1565072693

Available at:

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From back cover 
Occult beliefs march freely across America today powerfully influencing our children, our society, our government, and even our churches. The deadly impact of Satan’s dominion is seen in the rise of teen suicide, the increase in violence, and the immorality that pervades our society. Sharing the knowledge you need to protect your family from this invasion, noted cult expert Dave Hunt reveals—

  • how Satan’s lies are being taught behind the academic respectability of science 
  • how demonic activities are presented as the path to enlightenment through “alien" contacts and paranormal experiences 
  • how pagan religions are being promoted through ecology and “we are one" philosophies 
  • how evil is being reinvented as good by psychology and the legal system

Occult Invasion gives you the skills you need to recognize the subtle incursions of the occult and provides tools you can use to halt its destructive advance.

Read Chapter 1—Why This Book? of Occult Invasion online at The Berean Call website

Listen to Dave Hunt's radio show:
Weekly radio shows from 10/17/99 - 5/27/00 all talking about "Occult Invasion" book (31 programs!).
(mp3 format; all downloads approximately 6M; one hour show)

Listen to Dave Hunt and Mark Eastman on The Missler Report speaking on "The End Times and the Occult Invasion":
Date: April 13-17, 1998
(each show 10 minutes long)

Table of Contents (back)

1. Why This Book?
2. Evolution and Its Role
3. What Is the Occult?
4. The Death of Materialism
5. Remote Viewing
6. A Dark and a Light Side?
7. Naturalism or Supernaturalism?
8. Native, Indigenous, and Nature Religion
9. Spirit Communication and Possession
10. Drugs, Imagination, and the Occult
11. Ecology, Shamanism, Science, and Christianity
12. The Influence of Eastern Mysticism
13. New Respectability in a New Age
14. Holistic Medicine
15. Twelve Steps with "God As You Conceive Him"
16. The Seduction of Youth
17. Playing God: The Lust for Power
18. What about UFOs, ETI's and Near-Death Experiences?
19. Apparitions of Angels, Ghosts, and Mary
20. Occultism and the Roman Catholic Church
21. Psychology and the Occult
22. "Christian" Psychology
23. Charismatic/Evangelical Occultism
24. "Spiritual Warfare" and Revival
25. A.D. 2000: Millennial Madness
26. The Coming World Religion


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