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The God-Code by Jonathan Lawton Hammond

The God-Code and Creation
by Jonathan Lawton Hammond

(taken from author's website-

Thousands of years before the words of the Bible were ever written in their original Hebrew and Greek languages, God had already established the Heavens and the Earth. All Creation, according to the Bible, were created by God, a Supernatural Being, who has always existed and will always continue to exist throughout eternity. When the universe and all life was created, it was created through the "Word of God" which is one of three in the Trinity-Godhead. In order to authenticate all creation, "The Word" established an elaborate seal of mathematics upon all the works of creation which extends even into trigonometry and geometry. Not one part of creation was created without this mathematical seal which runs throughout: time, space, atomic structure (protons, neutrons, electrons, and quarks), the elements, photon patterns, spectrum of light, the molecules of life (water, DNA, RNA, and protein) and the organization of it all composed together as one.

Just as this mathematical pattern is found in all creation, so to is it found in the ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts (the Textus Receptus) of the Bible! From the book of Genesis to Revelation, this very same pattern found within boldly testifies that all creation and the Bible itself has the very same source of conception/expression, emanating from one author, one mind, and one God. The mathematical pattern hidden in the pages of the Bible were discovered by the late Ivan Panin (1855-1942) for which he called the phenomenon, "Bible Numerics". Now with the unfolding knowledge and discoveries of our universe in this century alone, a definite pattern can be identified numerically, which not only testifies to God's past achievements, but things which are unfolding before our very eyes today.

This remarkable mathematical pattern can be used as a template to correlate biblical history and prophecies concerning the nation of Israel, city of Jerusalem, and King David to the events which have played out in our immediate history of the U.S. Revolution, our independence, the cities of Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and men such as General George Washington. The pattern was also able to unlock the mystery of the Great Pyramid, one of the most ancient structures on the Earth today. And the very person and name of Jesus, unifies all these patterns within Himself in an astonishing way, proving that He is "Alpha and Omega"!!

In 1974, an attempt was made to contact life outside our own planet utilizing the 1000 foot diameter Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. The Arecibo Radio message consisted of a mathematical code in digital/pictorial form so that intelligent life could recognize its unmistakable pattern. In the same manner, has God sent us a message in a mathematical form, so that intelligent minds of men/women (for whom God created) will recognize and acknowledge it. Yet God wrote this message throughout Heaven, Earth, ancient scrolls, and upon our own atomic/molecular foundations of life.

Philologos Comment:  
Jonathan Lawton Hammond has written a fascinating book that deals with 7 numbers that have special relationships.

The 4 Perfect Numbers:

3 = Divine Perfection
7 = Spiritual Perfection
10 = Ordinal Perfection
12 = Governmental Perfection

The 3 Universal Numbers:

21 = Within God
22 = Of God
37 = Word of God

He shows instances where these numbers can be found in the Bible text itself (1 John 5:7, Genesis 1:1), in the makeup of atoms, in quark theory, visible light, environmental and body temperature, DNA, RNA and the immune system. There is an overwhelming correlation between these numbers and what is built-in to our world. The book also delves into what life was like before the Fall (why do we have hair on our bodies?), pyramid calculations, Lost Tribes of Israel with a special emphasis on the US and the numbers 8 and 9. Nice graphics, recommended. This book is a diamond in the rough...with a heart of gold.

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