The Hem of His Garment
by John D. Garr, Ph.D.

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Explores what Jesus was wearing when the diseased were healed after touching it. Goes into the Biblical specifications on how it was to be made and the reasons behind it.

This book is packaged with a tape: The Mystery of Jesus' Prayer Shawl by Dwight A. Prayor (Center for Judaic-Christian Studies). The tape is a WONDERFUL addition to this fascinating subject. It is also great for those wanting to hear Hebrew spoken along with a translation of each phrase.

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Table of Contents:

A Healing Touch
The Hem of the Garment
A Mark of Remembrance
A Ribband of Blue
Tzitzit and Tekhelet
A Symbol of Authority
The Mantle Passes
A Prayer Closet
A Blessing Covering
Talitha Cumi
Your People, My People
God Is With You
Under His Wings
Healing Wings
A Rich Tradition
Epilogue: Living Emblems



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