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in the New Millennium

A Prophetic Guide to the New World Economic Order

Norm Franz
WhiteStone Press


How Do You Plan to Overcome the Great End Time Financial Shaking?

Money & Wealth in the New Millennium is an easy-to-read biblical exposé about the global economic problems of the last days and how God plans to deliver His people.

You will discover:

o Why interest rate cuts won't work
The mystery behind Commercial Babylon
o How debt is used to manipulate the value of your investments
o What are the ten horns of the beast
Where we are in Bible prophecy
o How to operate in the world’s financial system without being of it
God’s model for overcoming future economic crises
How to receive the end time transfer of wealth

Why does global economic crisis result in war and terrorism?

Read of prophetic insights from the author that came to pass barely three months after the book was published, in the 11 September terrorists attacks under the topic “Prepare For War":

“The sword (in the Fourth Seal) moves beyond today’s localized small-scale terrorism into large-scale international terrorism, and couples it with regional ethnic, religious and political wars. This is different than the red horse wars of the second seal, because they are not in a controlled theatre, but are more widespread and random throughout many nations of the world. … The FBI is currently conducting terrorist recognition and prevention training, with local law enforcement of high-risk areas. The premise behind the training is not a matter of if terrorist will strike, but when terrorists will strike." (pp 286, 290, 291)



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