The Temple : Its Ministry and Services
by Alfred Edersheim

Paperback Updtd edition (January 1995)
ISBN: 1565630068

Available at:


Description: Jerusalem's temple represented not only the glory of Israel's past but the splendor of its future, when the Messiah would come and reign over God's people. Edersheim captures the essence of the temple's significance, both in the life of Israel and in the life and theology of the early Christians. You'll be certain you can actually see the grandeur of Herod's temple---the place that Jesus ''cleansed,'' or that you can feel the anguish of a sacred place of worship trodden by Roman soldiers. This newly typeset, easy-to-read edition captivatingly portrays Edersheim's knowledge and passion for the temple of Scripture. 332 pages, paper from Hendrickson.

We have several of Edersheim's books and refer to them often when studying Jewish customs and traditions.

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