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Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus by Michael Brown

Table of Contents

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus : General and Historical Objections 
by Michael L., Dr. Brown

Paperback - 304 pages 
January 2000
Baker Book House
ISBN: 080106063X 

Available at:

See also Volume II dealing with Theological Objections

This book has 21 sample pages available for viewing at

From Back Cover:  This book provides the honest, fair, comprehensive answers objections such as these deserve.  Combining scholarship, an engaging style, and spiritual seriousness, Michael Brown answers thirty-five objections on general and historical themes.

"Michael Brown's thinking is incisive and to the point. His ability to explain so that anyone can understand is amazing. He will surely be acclaimed as the new expert in Jewish Christian apologetics. I would be happy to recommend his much needed book to anyone." Moishe Rosen, founder, Jews for Jesus 

Book Description 
What kind of answers hold fast in Jewish Christian apologetics? Answers that are fair. Answers that are detailed. And above all, answers that respond to actual objections. In the first of three volumes of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Michael Brown provides defensible answers. He addresses the same arguments that arise in his dialogue and debate with friends, rabbis, and anti-missionaries. Some objections include:

I was a born a Jew and I will die a Jew. I won't betray my ancestors. If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, why isn't there peace on earth? Christians have always hated and persecuted the Jewish people!

Brown knows all about such objections. At age sixteen, he discovered Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, and it changed his life. Called to defend his new faith, Brown went on to master Hebrew, earning his Ph.D. in Semitic languages. In the past decades he has established himself as a leading Jewish Christian apologist.

Brown brings together his learning and his love for his people to answer thirty-five commonly heard objections. He provides believers and seekers alike with honest, spiritually focused answers, thoroughly documented with notes.

About the Author
Michael L. Brown (Ph.D., Near Eastern Languages and Literature, New York University) is president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry near Pensacola, Florida, where he resides. He is also adjunct professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Fuller Theological Seminary.

Philologos Review
Wow! These books (see Volume 2 as well) are good!  It is hard to hold back the enthusiasm I have for this work.  Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus is written by a Jew for Jews.  The author, Michael Brown, is a Messianic Jew who knows all the objections that unbelieving Jews, whether they be Orthodox, Reform, etc., have against accepting Yeshua as the promised Messiah, having publicly debated several leading Rabbis on the topic.  Through his experiences of working and talking with Jews, Brown has compiled their objections and his corresponding answers in a series of books (Volume 3 is awaiting publication) that is hard to put down. However, you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy and learn from these books for they serve as a valuable study tool for Christians as well.  If you know a non-Messianic Jew or someone that has rejected Yeshua as Savior in favor of traditional Judaism that is still awaiting their messiah, then please consider giving these books as a gift, prayerfully trusting that God will open their eyes to the truth.

Some of the objections that are covered in Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus are:

Of the 35 objections dealing with general and historical matters listed in Volume One here is a sample:

  • A person is either Jewish or Christian.  I'm Jewish.
  • Messianic Judaism, or Hebrew Christianity, is just one big deception, designed to lure unsuspecting Jews into Christianity.
  • The fundamental problem with Christianity is that it is not Judaism. Therefore, all  your so-called proofs from the Hebrew Scriptures are meaningless.
  • If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, why don't more Jews believe in him?
  • If Jesus really is the Messiah, why are there so many objections?
  • Christianity simply doesn't work.  It doesn't produce what it promises.
  • If Jesus is really the Messiah, why isn't there peace on earth?
  • Christianity is really a religion of hate not love.
  • Christians have always hated and persecuted the Jewish people.
  • Why did God allow six million Jews to die in the Holocaust?
  • Within two generations, the Jewish followers of Jesus (under the influence of Paul) had largely given up their Jewish practices, setting a precedent that has remained the same right up until today.

Of the 28 objections dealing with theological matters listed in Volume Two here is a sample:

  • Jews don't believe in the Trinity. We believe in one God, not three.
  • If you claim that Jesus is God then you are guilty of making God into a man. You are an idol worshipper!
  • According to Isaiah 43:11, God alone is our Savior.  We don't need or recognize any other saviors.
  • We are righteous by what we do, not by what we believe. Christianity is the religion of the creed, Judaism the religion of the deed.
  • Even if I accept your premise that blood sacrifices are of great importance in the Torah, the fact is that our Hebrew Bible including the Torah itself offers other means of atonement, not just the shedding of blood.
  • The Book of Daniel teaches us that if the Temple has been destroyed and is not functional, prayer replaces sacrifice.
  • God wanted the blood of a goat or a lamb, not a person. He doesn't want human sacrifice!
  • Jews don't believe in a divine Messiah.

Table of Contents (back)

Part 1 General Objections
Part 2 Historical Objections
Subject Index
Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Writings

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