Acts of God (Book Three of The Christ Clone Trilogy) 
by James BeauSeigneur 

Paperback - 448 pages 
1 edition (June 1, 1998) 
SelectiveHouse Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0965694879 

Available at: 

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From the Backcover:

"...and engrossing and ingenious story around the biggest possible subject — a powerful tale." —Charles Sheffield, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author.

"...refreshing, well thought out, and methodically researched... Not since C.S. Lewis have we seen such creativity and imagination.  Bravo! More!" —Jeremy Nordmoe, Vanderbilt University Librarian

"...ingeniously constructed." —NAPRA ReVIEW (New Age Publishing and Retailing Association)

"I'm so impressed with this intriguing and captivating series." —E. Brandt Gustavson, President, National Religious Broadcasters

"...holds the reader spellbound... incredibly believable." —Barbara Meister Vitale, Author Unicorns Are Real and Free Flight

"By far the best end-times novel I've ever read... The Christ Clone Trilogy really kicks!" —Ray Gano, publisher, PropheZine Magazine

"...stretches the imagination to the max, and captivates the mind... not merely entertaining reading, it is spiritually stimulating." —Lambert Dolphin, Physicist


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