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June 27, 2000

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Subject: This Week At Israeli Culture #160 - 06/27/00

This Week at Israeli Culture
June 27, 2000 - No. 160

~ WEB SITE OF THE WEEK - Jerusalem Post Radio

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------------------ This Week's Highlights -----------------

Israel finally awakens to a water crisis that could have been averted. The country has officially
entered into negotiations for purchasing 50 million cubic meters of fresh water from Turkey, despit
e arguments that the cost of importing water will be higher than that of seawater desalination. Bu
t action must be taken quickly to avoid a severe shortage this autumn.

The Old City of Jerusalem is rich with history. The walls of the Old City date back to the days
of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman sultan of the 1540's. You are invited to take a photograp
hic tour of the Old City by visiting its gates, each with its own legends and history. On the tour
 we will climb and walk atop the Old City Walls, view incredible scenery and learn about the beauti
ful city of Jerusalem.

On Friday the annual Gay Pride Parade was held in Tel Aviv. Ibn Gvriol Street was closed to traffi
c, as nearly 30,000 people took part in a colorful procession that made its way towards a big happe
ning at the Yarkon Park. For a collection of sites and articles dealing with Israel's Gay & Lesbia
n community, check out Israeli Culture's new collection of Net Links.

---------------- Cultural News From Israel ---------------


Camelot Jazz Festival in Tel Aviv/Herzliya - July 1-15
Jerusalem Film Festival - July 13-22
Safed Klezmer Festival - July 16-18
Arad Festival - July 18-19
Khutsot Hayotzair Arts and Crafts Festival in Jerusalem - August 13-26
Briza Festival in Ashkelon - August 13-18
Night of Love at Tzemach Beach - August 17
Sharakia Festival in Tiberias - August 17-19
Teimania Festival in Eilat - August 27-30

----------------- Forum Post of the Week ---------------

"Is McDonald's being singled out for being open on Shabbat? There are plenty of places that are ope
n for business, and plenty of restaurants in Israel that are nonkosher."

---------------- Elsewhere on --------------

What does it mean to be Jewish? You can convert to Judaism, but Jewish identity is primarily defin
ed by genealogy. Are Jewish populations more similar biologically to the majority populations that
 they live among, or to other Jewish populations in different countries or even continents? Alexan
der F. Christensen, About's Guide to Anthropology, considers what recent genetic studies have to sa
y about the population history of the Jews.

---------------- Web Site of the Week --------------

Jerusalem Post Radio

You can now get the latest headlines from Israel, courtesy of the Jerusalem Post, in an audio versi
on. The paper has launched the beta version of Jerusalem Post Radio, offering news and business re
ports from Israel's leading news source.

The Internet broadcasts are available in Everstream, Microsoft Media Player and RealAudio formats.
The Evergreen tuner is based on the Microsoft Media Player technology and should autostart if you h
ave the latest version of Media Player installed.

This is not live radio news broadcasting, but rather summaries of the day's news archived and easil
y available. Some of the online station's programming is still in the planning stages. Sports rev
iews and entertainment highlights will be added in the future.

One of the interesting audio features I found this week on Jerusalem Post Radio was "Camel Ice Crea
m". As the site says, "From ship of the desert to the dairy parlor - the humble camel is now provi
ding multi-flavored ice cream." Who would ever thought that dromedaries could produce mango- and d
ate-flavored ice creams? Is camel milk kosher? The meat of the camel is not kosher, but does that
 rule out use of its milk? Apparently there has never been a Halachic ruling on camel icecream. Y
ou can hear the complete story on Jerusalem Post Radio.

In addition to the newscasts, there are a number of musical channels on Jerusalem Post Radio for yo
ur listening pleasure - from 70's Hits to Reggae and Modern Country. After visitors select a chann
el, the audio plays continuously but frees visitors to use their computers in other applications or
 to visit other sites.

Listening to audio newscasts on a newspaper site has a definite advantage. As Michal Cohen, Genera
l Manager of Jerusalem Post Radio explains: "For those who want more detail, a simple mouse-click t
akes them to the detailed article on the Post's Web site."

Whether you're looking for news from Israel or just pleasant background music, try out Jerusalem Po
st Radio.

---------------- Parting Words --------------

If you like my site, you should also check out these related Sites:

Shalom U'Lehitraot - See you again soon, on Israeli Culture!

The address of Israeli Culture is:
And your Israeli Culture Guide is yours truly, Ellis
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<a href="">Israel's Water Crisis</a>
<a href="">Gates of Jerusalem</a>
<a href="">Israeli Gay & Lesbian Community</a>
<a href="">The Cheeseburger Debate</a>
<a href="">Religion and Biology</a>
<a href="">Jerusalem Post Radio</a>

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Subject: [BPR] - Quake hits Rome area, buildings damaged
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:33:47 -0500


6/27/2000 08:13:00 ET

Quake hits Rome area, buildings damaged

ROME (Reuters) - An earthquake shook the outskirts of Rome on Tuesday,
damaging a number of buildings and sending people running into the
streets, but the civil protection office said no one was injured.

The quake, measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale, hit the area around the
village of Subiaco, about 40 kms (25 miles) east of Rome, at 9:30
a.m.(0730 GMT), causing tiles and plaster to fall from buildings.

In the village of Rocca Canterano, residents poured into the streets
from shaking apartment buildings and had to dodge falling pieces of
rubble, ANSA news agency reported.

In Sambuci, 30 kms east of Rome, cracks widened in the walls of the
church of Santa Croce, which has been hit by tremors in the past. The
area was shaken by another minor quake in March which damaged some

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Subject: [BPR] - Mount Oyama and Izu volcanoes ready to erupt
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:53:08 -0500

Japanese officials warn sea eruption may be under way
A change of water color off Miyakejima island's coast
indicated there might have been an underwater eruption,
officials said Tuesday
Mount Oyama's blast 'imminent'
June 27, 2000
Web posted at: 3:17 p.m. HKT (0717 GMT)

From staff and wire reports

TOKYO -- Officials said Tuesday that an underwater
eruption by Japan's Mount Oyama volcano might be under way,
and that magma below the Pacific Ocean floor might be
touching water and could trigger an explosion.

Meteorological Agency officials reported that various
signs -- including a change in the ocean's water color and
steam rising from the ocean bed -- indicated such an
eruption had begun off Japan's small island of Miyakejima.

Observers said the ocean's surface had turned yellow and
blue and Defense Agency officials reported that the seabed
off the island's west coast may have erupted.

The agency also said that a Defense patrol ship reported
feeling a strong jolt, and, shortly after, the crew
witnessed thick steam rising from the sea's surface.

-- more --


Tuesday, June 27, 2000
Islanders fleeing Izu volcano
Mainichi Shimbun
Naval ships were rushing to the island of Miyakejima on
Monday night as its volcano threatened to erupt.

Minor but frequent jolts were detected since Monday
evening - raising the specter of a possible eruption - the
Meteorological Agency said.

Urged by the Miyake Municipal Government, nearly 1,500
villagers living in the Ako district and nearby areas began
evacuating to emergency shelters set up in the north of the
island shortly before 9 p.m. Monday. The island has a
population of 3,845.

Local government officials, as well as all 21 of the
island's police officers, many of whom were already at home
after the day's work, were summoned back to offices.

"I don't know what the hell is going on, the volcano
looked calm and there was no noticeable jolt," a Miyake
government official said.

-- more --


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Subject: [BPR] - (Fwd) The Leading of Souls Astray
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 10:27:36 -0400

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Subject: The Leading of Souls Astray
Date sent: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 19:33:28 -0600

Rapture Watch

The Leading of Souls Astray

In our message ‘Celebrating Another Jesus in the Year 2000ī at:, we
shared how the Jesus of the Bible is being misrepresented so
that humanistic centered dominion and kingdom now
devotees can garner large followings contrary to the end-time
prophetic revelation of Scriptures, which reveal a swift
and destructive end for this present generation. Many sincere
Christians are being led astray by these teachings
which belittle, cast doubt or disregard the Scriptures, which
proclaim the coming of the Lord draws near.

For the apostates, who parade about as believers and encourage
those who undermine the sure words of God found
in the Bible there is a new minister of falsehood they can claim
alliance with. Their newest ally is ABCīs news
anchor Peter Jennings, whose program “The Search for Jesus” has
been praised by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield of the
National Jewish Center for Learning and Leading who stated, “I
was extremely impressed and moved. It made a
great religious Leader very available.”

So what will Peter Jennings have presented on June 26, 2000
regarding the Jesus he discovered during his ambitious
two-hour documentary, which he developed over a two-year period?
According to the Denver Post article of June
23, 2000 by Richard N. Ostling, which headlined ABCīs Peter
Jennings reports on a ‘Search for Jesusī - Jennings
conclusions were predictable, given its sources. These
conclusions are, “...that the Gospel writers “were not
eyewitnesses.” That “most scholars...think that Jesusī nature
miracles “were invented by the Gospel writers as
advertisements for Christianity.” And that “Jesus was executed,
not for blasphemy, as the Gospels indicate, but as a
political revolutionary.”

Richard Ostling reported that “ABCīs conclusions were
predictable” because “...the key talking heads consist of five
American liberals, a middle-roader in Israel and a lone
traditionalist from England.” Mr. Ostling went on to observe
that “Jennings seems to have discovered none of the estimable
moderate and conservative religious scholars in
America...nor does it hear from prime figures in the
debate...ABCīs implicit plot line pits the touching faith in the
Gospels among common folk against the experts who supposedly
know better.”

That a professional newscaster would so obviously demonstrate
such bias and be supported in such a travesty of
journalistic integrity causes one to stop and think.

The reason the report was so one sided is the same reason that
ecumenical dominion religious leaders, new-age
proponents and globilists of every persuasion undermine and
attack the biblical revelations of Jesus Christ and His
soon return - that is because there are men in temporary
authority with an agenda, which is nurtured by spiritual host
of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12).

It is the evil day spoken of in Ephesians 6:13,17, where the
true believers are instructed to withstand the forces of
iniquity by taking up the whole armor of God and to expect the
quenching of the fiery darts of the wicked one.
Mankind is dancing to the heartless spirits and the ballroom of
the earth is being filled with fools clamoring for an
even bigger orchestra. The songs are those that call for the
Word of God to be questioned and done away with and
the Risen Christ banished as the only hope of the salvation of
the world.

The men taking authority say it is alright to pray to idols, to
commune with spirits as long as we call them the Holy
Spirit, to align in purpose with agents of darkness and to
preach a “many ways to heaven” gospel. The Word of God
is always open to question. They instruct their followers to
re-evaluate the Jesus that is found in the Scriptures and
like Peter Jennings tell them of how the search for the real
Jesus continues on.

After the rapture of the Church to heaven (I Thessalonians
4:15-18), when God sends forth His two anointed
prophets described in Revelation Chapter 11, it is
understandable as to why the world will reject them in
for the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet. To those apostates
who bought into the prosperity and name-it-claim-it
gospel, they will see two failures of faith dressed in sackcloth
(Revelation 11:3). To those who sought out spirits and
found acceptance in their praying to idols, they will put
confidence in the condemnation pronounced against the two
prophets by the living image, when they refuse to worship his
image and take the name, number or mark of the
beast. For those who rejected the biblical revelation of how
things would be in the last days and harkened to men
like Jay Gary, who advocated that Jesusī words proclaiming His
soon return be disregarded and that an already
fulfilled and an inconclusive presentation of the things of
eschatology be adhered to over the sure future revealed in
the Bible - these will readily reject the two prophets and their
message that Jesus Christ is pouring out from heaven
the judgements the world will be enduring and that the Lordīs
return with His saints is at the very door (Jude 14-15,
Revelation 19:11-16).

For further information about what the tribulation period will
be like we will share our message ‘Hell on Earthī at the
conclusion of this message.

To an apostate world religion, which worships the mesmerations
and influences of demon spirits (see Revelation
9:20), the powers demonstrated by God through His two prophets
will appear indistinguishable to their clouded
perception from the abilities demonstrated by the Anti-Christ
and his false prophet (Revelation 11:6,13).

When the Anti-Christ is granted the authority to momentarily
overcome the two prophets of God, it is also
understandable why those anticipating a take-over of the earth
by a kingdom now globalist church will look to the
Anti-Christ as the Saviour and will celebrate the deaths of the
two prophets by the might of their New-Age Messiah.
(Revelation 11:7-10). When the two prophets are resurrected
before the world, still the prophetic Scriptures will be
ignored. It is possible they will believe a deceptive fable
that an alien invasion is in the works ( Revelation 11:11-13).

This could well be the lie which is singled out in II
Thessalonians 2:11 and possibly might be used to explain away
the rapture. This same lie would conveniently explain who it is
that armies of the world believe they are capable of
defeating, when they confront Jesus Christ and His saints as
they return from heaven (Revelation 19:19).

In a report titled “The Extraterrestrial Sermons,” which was
submitted to the faculty of the University of Houston by
Richard Carlson Braastad, the subject matter dealt with the
effects on world religions at a possible future reception of
various extraterrestrial messages on the topic of theology.
Christianity was notably singled out as problematic and
repeatedly reintroduced even while engaging in other religions
responses. The only attempted violent reaction was
shown to be perpetrated by a Christian pastor, who was also
singularly portrayed as being intoxicated. News
broadcasting was of obvious peripheral importance to the thesis.

The year before Israel became a nation in 1948, there was a
radio program for children called “Peterīs People.” It
was hosted by ABCīs nightly news anchor Peter Jennings, then age
9. (Denver Post, June 25, 2000, Go Figure).
Now at age 62 much of the world will have watched Peter Jennings
as he visited Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem
in a dedicated attempt to discredit the Jesus of the Bible.
“Peterīs people” will believe him and follow him in his
crusade to dishonor the salvation offered by the Son of God.

As near to the close of the age as we are perhaps Mr. Jennings
will live to report on the two prophets of God during
the tribulation period as he reflects upon his earlier visit to
Jerusalem, when he spoke on this Christ they claim to
represent. Perhaps he will repent at their message or then
again perhaps he will feel that the work he has been
involved with is not finished until he discredits these
dangerous prophets, exhalts the new world order and its
Anti-Christ and shares among “Peterīs people” a global religion
that all rejecters of Jesus Christ can take part in as
new revelations are shared from entities alien to the world men

Almost 2,000 years ago, the Scriptures tell us of another Peter,
who denied Jesus Christ. Speaking to Simon Peter at
the last supper Jesus said “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has
asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I
have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when
you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.”
(Luke 22:31-32).

Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God then suffered on the
cross and died for Peter. Jesus died for us all - so
that any who will believe in the saving power of His shed blood
are forgiven of all their sins and have inherited
eternal life in glory. How much greater a way to close out ones
earthly life than to find you are eternally accountable
for your part in leading souls to everlasting damnation.

Your brother and friend in Christ,
June 26, 2000

Hell on Earth

There are many who have taken it upon themselves to teach about
the prophesied tribulation period of these last
days--some have even dared to prophesy. One self appointed
prophet, prophesied as Godīs spokesman, that we
have been in the tribulation period since 1993. Another has
been teaching that we have been in the tribulation period
for decades.

James Chapter 3:1 reads, “My brethren, let not many of you
become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a
stricter judgement.” To teach that we have been enduring the
tribulation period reveals ignorance, to ‘prophesyī the
same is fearful ; God is not mocked. Other errant teachings,
which are being put forth are: The tribulation happened
long ago; there is no literal tribulation period or that the
Tribulation lasts for only three-and-one-half years.

We would caution those that are teaching, without knowledge, to
teach with prudence, and would instruct those who
have falsely prophesied to repent immediately before standing in
the presence of Jesus Christ at the believers
judgement--the time is at hand. Why anyone would want to
jeopardize their rewards for a fleeting moment of phony
importance in the eyes of men eludes us. God has supplied vast
shelters free from judgement in His Word and in
honestly admitted conjecture or speculation.

When one prophesies, one in effect has commanded by God that all
are to believe oneīs words. What a fearful thing
to do on a whim or just because of an imaginative thought (read
Zechariah Chapter 13:1-5 for a view of the fate of a
false prophet during the millennial reign). We can assure
everyone, that the Lord does not turn a blind eye to false
prophesying, everyone who teaches in error or prophesies falsely
should be open to instruction and correction and
be willing to remedy their mistakes. Itīs not enjoyable to be
shown that you are wrong, but it surely is better than
being continually proven so.

Now concerning the Tribulation, we believe a key verse to
understand the tribulation period is found in Revelation
Chapter 13:5. Speaking of the Anti-Christ we read, “And he was
given a mouth speaking great things and
blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for 42 month
(that is three and-one-half years).”

This three-and-one-half years of the Anti-Christ is supported in
Daniel Chapter 7:25 where we read, “And he shall
speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints
of the Most High, and he shall think to change the
seasons and the law; and they shall be given into his hand until
a time and times and half a time.” (Again that is
three-and-one-half years, ‘Jewish Masoretic Text.ī)

Going back to Revelation Chapter 13:5 we want to focus on a
particular word, in Greek it is the word “poieo”. By
looking at verses 2, 3, 4, in conjuction with verse 5 it is
confirmed, that the word “poieo” is correctly translated in the
NKJV as “continue”. It is important for understanding the
tribulation period, that the Scriptures reveal that the
Anti-Christ continues for three-and-one-half years--he does not
begin his work at the start of these
three-and-one-half-years -.he has already started his mission at
some earlier point (at Revelation Chapter 6:1-2 to be

This is also supported in Daniel Chapter 7:25, when read in
context. Again we are shown by the Scriptures that the
Anti-Christ will have been at his evil work for sometime, then
“the saints” (are) “given into his hand” for
three-and-one-half years. Daniel Chapter 9:27 confirms, that
the Anti-Christ will turn against the Tribulation Saints
at mid-point of a 7 year covenant, which he is personally
responsible for confirming (or strengthening).

One of the greatest judgements upon mankind in the end-times, is
the going forth of the Anti-Christ. Revelation
Chapter 6:1-2 reveals it is the first judgement of the
tribulation period released upon the earth by Jesus Christ.
Those who teach or (prophesy), that we have already entered the
beginning of the Tribulation have not read (or
understood) the prophecies concerning the first
three-and-one-half years.

Daniel Chapter 11:21-29 gives an overview of the Anti-Christīs
activities during the first three-and-one-half years,
verses 30-45 then reveals the final three-and-one-half years
after the “abomination of desolation” is set up. This is
confirmed in Daniel Chapter 9:27 and Matthew Chapter 24:15-21.

Just one verse from Revelation Chapter 6:8 (when Christ opens
the fourth seal during the first three-and-one-half
years of the Tribulation) should make it clear to those who
teach, we have been in this period, or that the first
three-and-one-half years is a time of ease, how wrong they are.
According to Revelation Chapter 6:8, one quarter of
the earthīs population will be killed at that time--thatīs over
one and a half billion people out of an approximate six

We have heard of one prophecy teacher, who declares he looks
forward to this time of tribulation and is going to
enjoy it.

People may ask “surely this must be the Great Tribulation of the
last three-and-one-half years being spoken of?” We
assure you it is not. Later, after the seventh seal is opened
and the six trumpets are sounded, during the Great
Tribulation we are told in Revelation Chapter 9:15 that another
third of the remaining population will be killed.
Without knowing exactly how many will have died, since the
fourth seal was opened--by using our last figure that
would mean another 1-1/2 billion people will be killed (at
least)! The Anti-Christ is called the “son of perdition” (or
hell or destruction) in II Thessalonians Chapter 2:3; it is the
same title given to Judas in John Chapter 17:12.

People often facetiously or seriously refer to this present life
as “hell on earth”, the truth is, that the Tribulation is the
one time that this phrase can be appropriately used, not only
will the son of hell be here, but hell itself will make an
appearance according to Revelation Chapter 6:8. The picture of
“hell on earth” shown to us in Scriptures takes on
even greater dimension, when we read in Revelation Chapter
12:13, that the devil himself will also make his
appearance upon the earth during the last three-and-one-half
years of the Tribulation.

The following is a summary of the Tribulation by our
understanding of the Scriptures:

The going forth of the Anti-Christ starts the Tribulation
(Revelation Chapter 6:1-2). The Anti-Christ cannot be
revealed until the Restrainer is removed (II Thessalonians
Chapter 2:6-7). We hold to the opinion, that the Restrainer
is the Holy Spirit within the Church and that the Church will be
removed along with the unique indwelling presence
of the Spirit in each believer before the Anti-Christ is
revealed. This correlates with the divine activity found both
with unleashing and with destroying the Anti-Christ found in II
Thessalonians Chapter 2:8-11, Revelation Chapters
6:1-2 and 19:20. It makes sense, that if only God can send
forth the Anti-Christ, and only God can destroy the
Anti-Christ, then only God can restrain him.

Notice, that immediately after hell is released upon the earth
during the first three-and-one-half years of the
tribulation period in Revelation Chapter 6:8 the saints begin to
be overcome in Revelation Chapter 6:9-11, and
continue to be overcome throughout the remainder of the
tribulation period (Revelation Chapters 7:9-16, 11:7, 12:11
and 17, 13:7 and 14:13).

Turning to Matthew Chapter 16:18, concerning hell and believers,
by Jesusī own words, we can safely conclude
these overcome saints cannot be the Church. Jesus said, “upon
this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it.” The Tribulation is the time, if
ever, when hell is prevailing. That the Church is in heaven
before the Anti-Christ is released in Revelation Chapter 6:1-2
can be confirmed by backing up to Revelation 5:9-10.

The first three-and-one-half years of the Tribulation will be a
time of terrible death and destruction, new believers
who will come to the Lord after the rapture will be murdered,
while the temple and animal sacrifices will be restored
in Jerusalem (Revelation Chapters 6 and 11). The final
three-and-one-half years will be identified, when the
Anti-Christ turns on the Jews, stops the sacrifices and takes
over the temple (Daniel Chapter 9:27, Revelation
Chapter 11:2 and II Thessalonians Chapter 2:4). It will be a
time of unbelievable horror, as death and cataclysmic
upheavals rock the planet, the son of hell will be claiming
himself to be God and Satan himself will reside upon the
earth, it is the time of Godīs great wrath (Daniel Chapter 8:25,
II Thessalonians 2:4, Revelation Chapters 16, 12:12).
If Jesus Christ does not return to stop the carnage, no flesh
will be saved (Matthew Chapter 24:21-22).

It is not the Lordīs will, that any should perish but that all
should come to repentance (II Peter Chapter 3:9). Every
person has been given the ability to believe in the salvation
offered by God this very moment, by putting their faith
(no matter how little) in His Son Jesus Christ. Godīs promise
for the forgiveness of sins is really just that easy and
the reward is eternal.

Your brother and friend in Christ,

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To: (BPR Mailing List)
Subject: [BPR] - Real World News - 6/27/00
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 11:51:58 -0500


Visit Real World News online at

A growing number of analysts and officials suggest that the most
effective way for the United Nations to deal with risky missions
would be to hire paid military professionals - mercenaries. The
philosophical shift comes as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Richard Holbrooke is launching a new effort to strengthen the
international body's peacekeeping capabilities around the world.
The suggestion boldly challenges longstanding policy at the United
Nations, where a 1988 convention lumps mercenaries into the same
category as terrorists, drug traffickers and other international

Adopting a tough stance ahead of Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright's arrival, Palestinian officials said Tuesday the time was
right for a Mideast summit and suggested that Palestinian statehood
be proclaimed this fall with or without Israel's blessing. Danny
Barak's adviser, warned that "if the Palestinians declare an
state unilaterally, they will be making a big mistake because it will
a flagrant violation of the agreement."

The IDF believes that violent clashes with the Palestinians are
inevitable, and is preparing for them. The Palestinian leadership is
not even preparing their people for any concessions, senior IDF
commanders say, setting the stage for a volatile climax. "They are
telling their people that this is the period leading up to statehood,"
one senior IDF commander said. "The Palestinians don't want to get
independence from a piece of paper. They want to gain independence
through struggle. We stress to the Palestinian Authority the high
they will pay for the uncontrolled struggle."

Foreign Minister David Levy on Monday warned PLO Authority Chairman
Yassir Arafat against making any unilateral declarations of statehood,
indicating that such an announcement would mark the end of the ongoing
Oslo process with Israel. Speaking to Israel Radio on Monday, Levy
explained that a unilateral declaration of statehood would absolve
Israel of all responsibilities vis-ā-vis the Oslo Agreements.

Scientists heralded a brave new world Monday but skeptics said a
genetic breakthrough could usher in a sinister era of perfect
people and death to the disabled. ``The further science goes, the
further the worst case scenario goes,'' Steve Jenkins, a spokesman
for the Church of England, told Reuters. ``I'm not anti-science but
there is no way that God is now out of a job.''

Convicted paedophiles face being tracked by satellites for the rest of
their lives through an ankle tag that would trigger a warning if they
entered a banned area such as a school. Rapists might also be tagged
that they could not approach their victim's home undetected, under
being considered by Home Office officials. The technology is already
used in the United States, where it is known as "reverse tagging"
because it allows the offender to move around, rather than being
confined to a particular place.

A high school valedictorian who made perfect grades, Mr. Davey, now
earned a badly needed, state-funded scholarship to the state of
Washington's Northwest College, a small private school in Kirkland,
affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Shortly after Mr. Davey
freshman classes last fall, state education officials withdrew his
financial-aid award, saying his decision to major in religion
violates a
new policy under the state constitution's mandate of separation of
church and state.

Led by a woman cantor, Reform Jews prayed near the Western Wall,
Judaism's holiest shrine, on Tuesday without being heckled - a rare
occurrence here. Police set up two rows of steel barricades about 150
yards from the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site. They guarded the
perimeter, anticipating a demonstration by ultra-Orthodox Jews, who
oppose the concepts of men and women praying together and a woman
chanting the service. A few black-suited ultra-Orthodox men walked by
the compound and glared briefly at the worshippers, but there were no

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To: (BPR Mailing List)
Subject: [BPR] - Harpazo News items
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 17:24:36 -0400

June 27th 2000

Clinton Blocks US Embassy Move to Jerusalem
United States President Bill Clinton has signed legislation suspending the
planned moving of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, blocking the
implementation of the 1995 law voted in by Congress. Clinton last year
indicated that he was putting the move on hold, explaining that it would
seriously jeopardize the ongoing Oslo process between Israel and the PLO
Authority (PA) since the PA strongly opposed the move. Republican
Presidential candidate Governor George Bush told an AIPAC audience last
week that if elected, he would expedite moving the embassy to Israelīs

UN Demands End to Israeli 'Violations'
The United Nations Security Council has called on Israel to end violations
of its newly-established border with Lebanon. The peacekeeping force in
Lebanon, Unifil, reported several Israeli border violations on Monday,
backing Lebanese government claims. The Security Council call followed a
briefing by video link with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who has been
on a long tour of the Middle East. But current council president
Jean-David Levitte of France stressed that the violations were minor and
expressed hope they would be cleared up in a few days. Since the Israeli
army's withdrawal from southern Lebanon last month after its 22-year
occupation, the Lebanese Government has repeatedly accused Israeli troops
of violating the UN line. This was drawn as a temporary border between
the two nations. BBC

Barak Willing to Transfer Abu Dis Before Summit
Prime Minister Ehud Barak is willing to authorize the transfer of Abu Dis,
Azzariye and Suwahara to the Palestinian Authority as a goodwill gesture
prior to the tripartite summit in the United States where Barak, PA
chairman Yasser Arafat and President Bill Clinton are expected to complete
negotiations on the final status agreement between Israel and the
Palestinians. Sources in Jerusalem said yesterday that the prime minister
will consider the transfer of the three villages on the outskirts of
Jerusalem, but refuses to comply with other demands posed by the
Palestinian chairman in return for his participation in a summit in the
United States.

Arafat reportedly set as conditions for participating in such meeting the
completion of the third withdrawal from the territories, the release of
Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, and American guarantees to support
the PA on vital issues of the final status agreement, such as borders,
Jerusalem and refugees. According to Israeli political sources yesterday,
"The summit is not only an Israeli interest, but one of both sides. As far
as we are concerned, the current level of negotiations has reached its
limits and the next stage must be completed by the leaders."

Foreign Minister David Levy said yesterday that "Arafat wants a broad
third withdrawal prior to a summit, and American guarantees for results in
the summit." American Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is expected
today in Israel for meetings with Barak and Arafat. She plans to explain
why President Clinton would like to hold a summit, and she is expected to
concentrate on offering an "attractive package" to the Palestinian
chairman in an effort to convince him to participate in an
American-sponsored summit on American soil. Ha'aretz

FM Levy Warns PA Against Unilateral Declaration Of Statehood
Foreign Minister David Levy on Monday warned PLO Authority (PA)
Chairman Yassir Arafat against making any unilateral declarations of
statehood, indicating that such an announcement would mark the end of the
ongoing Oslo process with Israel. Addressing a Fatah function in Nablus
earlier in the week, Arafat told the crowd of thousands that a Palestinian
state would be declared in the coming weeks. Speaking to Israel Radio on
Monday, Levy explained that a unilateral declaration of statehood would
absolve Israel of all responsibilities vis-ā-vis the Oslo Agreements.
Israel Wire

Likudīs Gideon Ezra Calls For Arafat Apology And Freezing Talks
Likud opposition MK Gideon Ezra on Monday called upon the government to
immediately freeze ongoing contacts between Israeli and PLO Authority (PA)
negotiators until such time that Yassir Arafat issues a formal and
unequivocal apology for recent remarks threatening renewed and increased
violence. Israel Wire

Killer Heatwave Hits Croatia
At least 50 people in Croatia died last week in the blistering and ongoing
heatwave that has baked the country's major cities. Temperatures hovered
between 95-104 degrees Fahrenheit and were predicted to continue as hot
through the beginning of the week. Vecernji List reported that many of the
victims were elderly people who died of heart attacks brought on by the
high temperatures. The heat has remained at more than 82 degrees
Fahrenheit in the capital city of Zagreb during the night, and nighttime
temperatures have been even warmer in the city of Karlovac. Earth Alert

Snow Storms Batter Chile
At least seven people in central Chile were killed and nine others left
missing in violent weekend storms that lashed the region with high winds
and heavy snowfall. Lowland areas were flooded and many mountainous areas
were blanketed in snow. Authorities reported that numerous roads were
blocked, and more than 5,000 people had been left homeless by the severe
weather. Earth Alert

Drought: Sao Paulo Goes Thirsty
A third of the residents of South America's largest and most modern city,
Sao Paulo, have been put under water rationing until early November. The
rationing requires that residents of the southern part of the city go two
days with water then one day without. More than 500 districts have been
affected by the "two and one plan." Rainfall between last October and
April dropped 30 percent below average. The Guarapiranga Reservoir, which
is the sole water supply for the inhabitants of the 500 affected
districts, has fallen to 37 percent of its capacity. Officials cautioned
that if normal rains do not return in November, there is a possibility
that the "two and one plan" will become a "one and two plan." Antonio
Fernando Monteiro, an ecologist at Sao Paulo State University, said the
problem has been worsened by at least 300,000 people who have illegally
occupied the land surrounding Guarapiranga Reservoir in recent years.
Natural vegetation has been destroyed by the occupation and caused the
underground springs that helped replenish Guarapiranga to dry up. Monteiro
said, "The haphazard occupation of the area has waterproofed the ground,
making it impossible for rainwater to penetrate the soil and feed these
springs." Earth Alert

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To: (BPR Mailing List)
Subject: [BPR] - "Hang Ten' Initiative: Public Posting of Ten Commandments
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 19:42:42 -0700 (PDT)

    I live in the western New York area (Lockport,
NY), where a local columnist, David Warsocki, is
asking for support for his 'Hang Ten' initiative:
public posting of the Ten Commandments.
    Although there has been much support, and our
local Common Council voted in favor of this, there are
many who are strongly voicing opposition, and a couple
of surrounding towns boards have not been as
supportive of this. I don't mind so much that the
'unbelievers' are opposing this, but there have been
many, who claim to believe, yet claim that so-called
'separation of church and state' cannot be violated.
   Mr. Warsocki is asking for supporting letters (or
even just a simple note of support) to the following
people to let them know that we are in favor of this.
These three politicians (NY Assemblymen Daly and
Seaman, and NY Senator Maziarz) also claim to be in
favor of this. Please let all supporters know that
their 'YES' votes are needed, and can be mailed to the
following addresses:

Below is the letter that I wrote to my local newspaper
and local website, which I forwarded to the three
addresses above.

... It wasnīt long ago that our taxes funded the
defiling of a crucifix (immersed in urine) and of the
Virgin Mary (‘decoratedī with elephant dung) in the
guise of ‘Artī. I donīt recall reading anything from
those writers, who are selectively concerned about the
so-called ‘separation of church and stateī, opposing
religious public postings then. I wonder -would public
display of the crucifix or the picture of the Virgin
Mary have been opposed, claiming ‘separation of church
and stateī, had they not been defiled?
     Despite the fact that God has been expelled from
public schools, the U.S. still pledges allegiance to
“One Nation under God”. Our currency still reads “In
God We Trust”. The Bible is still used in court. Itīs
clear Who was being referred to when “Creator” was
included in the Declaration of Independence. The
public pays taxes that are used to fund all sorts of
religious programs in state prisons, including chapel
construction, maintenance, materials, and state
employees to staff them – curiously in the name of
‘rehabilitation'. It's actually the only chance of
true rehabilitation -for those who deserve it.
    Are those who want to keep God out of schools at
all concerned with the welfare of the children? We saw
what the “separation of church and state” ideology
accomplished in Columbine. It is obvious that they
have no problem with the same rights and privileges
granted to convicted felons, or to offensive behavior
and obscene attacks on religion –funded by the
    Recently, there have been several opinions
expressed for and against posting the Ten Commandments
publicly. It is not surprising that those who donīt
believe in them would oppose them. Theyīre supposed to
reject God, and things of God. Whatīs worse is for
someone to say that they believe in the Ten
Commandments, yet oppose posting them publicly. To
stand for or against something based upon your
beliefs, despite public criticism, is at least
consistent. To say that you believe in something, yet
oppose it, is not.
    If you believe in the Ten Commandments, then you
should understand that they are divinely established
and are therefore pre-eminent and universal. Nothing
-to the believer -takes precedence over them. Not even
the U.S. Constitution.

Timothy Stoll
Lockport, NY

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