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Title: Last Hashemite King?
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Date: Aug, 1998
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Last Hashemite King?

Sermon on Temple Mount
(Al-Aqsa Mosque)
July 31, 1998

I seek refuge with ALLAH from the Satan.

In the Name of ALLAH the merciful and the compassionate. "Now hath come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves: it grieves him that ye should perish: ardently anxious is he over you: to the Believers is he most kind and merciful.* But if they turn away, say: "Allah sufficeth me; there is no god but He: on Him is my trust, - He the Lord of the Throne (of Glory) Supreme!" Al-Tawba (9-128,129).

O People, What happened to the state of Jordan? And what's possible to happen to the Muslims in Jordan?

The people of Jordan are looking forward to the cure of their king Hussein from his malignant disease. We heard about many greetings and support for him from different sources.

What happened to the state of Jordan immediately after the announcement of the King's disease?

The first thing happened was the fall of the Jordanian Dinar.

Shouldn't the Ummah ask herself why this happened? When Rabin (Israeli Prime Minister) killed the Israeli Shekel was not affected. When Clinton fell and broke his leg the US Dollar was not affected. When Yeltsin had a heart attack this didn't affect the Russian currency.

Shouldn't the Ummah ask herself why when something bad happens to one of her Kings or presidents that incident affects immediately the exchange rate of the currency of that state?

Don't you remember what happened to the Iraqi currency?

Shouldn't we ask these leaders and ourselves about such economic setbacks?

The answer is simple. The currency in our states in the Muslim land is not correlated to gold or silver. The currency instead is related to other factors like the imperialist economy of the US Dollar. It's also related to the international image of the state, and to the strength of that king or president in his tyranny. Once the Kings dies, for example, the Jordanian Dinar falls dramatically. This is a true manifestation of how the imperialist infidel had correlated your economy to his economy and to the health of his agents.

The Muslim should understand that and the Muslim Ummah should correlate her own currency only to gold and silver which will give her a true value. So when the king goes, or comes, or falls or dies the currency will not get affected.

Secondly; the imperialist infidels (the US and Britain in this case) are waiting for the king Hussein to fall because they know that the king will not stay forever. Britain, from one side, had tried to prepare Laith Shbelat (a known Jordanian Islamist opponent to the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty) to take over. The father of Laith Shbelat was one of the guardians on the young King Hussein. This means that he was a British employee in a higher position than the king himself was at that time.

The king himself declared few years ago when he had fallen ill that he would be the last Hashimite King. This means that after king Hussein there will be no Hashamite monarchy in Jordan, so Britain wants to establish in Jordan a so called Islamic republic with a bearded president who will be applying a secular regime.

The Americans from the other side are preparing men like Arabiyat to take over after the death of the king, this is because the prince Hasan is not popular in Jordan and doesn't have the wisdom and the experience of his brother the king.

O Muslims brothers, The imperialist infidels are controlling your life and your expectations.

Isn't the time had come for you to come forward and bypass the Infidels and uproot such corrupted kings and presidents from their positions and throw them in the trash? And to create instead the Islamic Khilafah as Allah and his messenger commands? And to declare Jihad to liberate lands and people, to break the cross, to impose Jizyah, to kill the pig, to liberate Bait Almaqdis (Jerusalem), and then Rome, and open Mecca for all Muslims to perform pilgrimage.

May Allah help the people who work to reestablish the Khilafah. Ameen.

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