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Misc Study: The Efficacy of Prayer
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Date: November, 1999
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The Efficacy of Prayer

This ties in with what was stated in Ronni's post yesterday:

  "...we now know that we have to ask--six days as measured by which clock?   In which frame of reference?"

I've been reading about geo-time. A second of geo-time would be two years of real time. On the geo-time scale a man lives for half a minute. If the Earth were a human being it would be about 70 years old now which is over 4 billion in geo-time.

Just think what that means in terms of your prayer-life. The Bible says to pray continuously and we, mostly, think we don't have time or that it might even be a waste of time. But just think that somewhere out there when you pray for just one minute that's 120 years of you knocking at the same door with your petition. As the parable of the persistent widow shows, even an ungodly judge will render a ruling just to get you to stop making so much noise--so take a minute and maybe you can change a lifetime.

-- Moza

See also:
"... a day is as a thousand years..."


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