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Misc Study: The Two Genealogies of Jesus Christ
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Date: Aug 4, 1998
Update: June 12, 2002
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We have been reading "Number in Scripture--Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance" by E. W. Bullinger. Here are a few interesting things from those pages. (Now read this book online!)

The Two Genealogies of Jesus Christ

Note, first, in which two of the four Gospels they are found, for this is also significant.

In Matthew God says to us, "Behold thy King" (Zech 9:9).
In Mark He says, "Behold My Servant" (Isa 40:1).
In Luke He says, "Behold the Man" (Zech 6:12).
In John He says, "Behold your God" (Isa 40:9).

Now a servant need not produce his genealogy; neither can God have one. It is a King who must have one, and a Man who should have one. Therefore it is that we have two genealogies, and not more than two. And that is why we have one in Matthew giving the Royal genealogy of Jesus as King; and one in Luke giving the Human genealogy of Jesus as Man. Hence also it is that Matthew's is a descending genealogy, while Luke's is an ascending one. For kings must trace their descent, all power in the world being derived from God, who says, "By Me kings reign": and man must trace his ascent to some particular ancestor. Matthew's, therefore, begins with Abraham, and comes down to Joseph, the son of Heli; while Luke's starts from Joseph, and goes up to Adam and God.

As far as David both the lists agree. But here an important divergence takes place. In Matthew, after David, we have his son Solomon; while in Luke we have another son, Solomon's elder brother, Nathan. From this point, therefore, we have two lines. One (Matthew) gives the royal and legal line through Solomon; the other (Luke) gives the natural and lineal line through Nathan. The former is the line according to legal succession; the latter is the line according to natural descent. The former was the result of the will of God in choosing Solomon, a younger son; while the latter was the result of the will of man, and in the order of human birth. Both lines meet in Joseph, the son of Jacob by birth, and the son of Heli by marriage with Mary, Heli's only daughter. Thus the two lines are united and exhausted in Jesus Christ; for by His death they both became extinct, and thus He was the King of Israel by right; became, and was declared to be, the Son of God by resurrection from the dead (Rom 1:4; Psa 2:7; Acts 13:33; Heb 1:5, 5:5).

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