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Revived Roman Empire/Signing of European Union Constitution EU leaders from the 25 member states arrived in Rome on October 29, 2004 for the formal signing of the new European Constitution. Symbolically, the ceremony will take place in the same room as the signing of the original Treaty of Rome.

Sanhedrin Launched in Tiberias A unique ceremony - probably only the second of its kind in the past 1,600 years - is taking place in Tiberias today: The launching of a Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish-legal tribunal in the Land of Israel.

Wedding on Temple Mount (9/9/04) !!

Third Temple News

California Earthquake 12/22/03

Prophecy Against Road Map Quartet (US, EU, UN, Russia)

Geneva Accord - The Geneva Accord is an effort to formulate a complete final-status agreement, without Sharon's long-term interim agreements. The agreement is presented as a draft for the final phase of the “road map” peace plan, which is due to end in 2005. The proposal offers highly specific solutions and calls for major compromises on the most sensitive issues that have torpedoed previous peace efforts, ranging from the status of Palestinian refugees to Israeli settlements.

Road Map Documents

SARS: Bible Codes Provide a New Perspective: Is SARS a Judgment from God?

Road Map to Armageddon

Palestine, Palestine, Palestine - Whenever I turn on the tv lately I see Palestine in the news; not the land of Israel in the Middle East, but Palestine, TX, Palestine, WV and the Palestine Hotel. The fact that so many news items have to do with this one word is sign enough to me to keep track of them even though I can't explain every instance to my satisfaction. Is this just coincidence? I don't think so.

Men in Black/Lamed-Vav Tzaddikim - "We are the best kept secret in the universe. Our mission is to monitor extraterrestrial activity on earth. We are your best, last, and only line of defense. We work in secret, we exist in shadow and we dress in black."

Space Shuttle Columbia - On the Sabbath day, February 1, 2003, following a week that saw Ariel Sharon overwhelmingly re-elected although ignoring his constituents views against a Palestinian state, President Bush's State of the Union Address and coincides with the reading of Parsha Mishpatim, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates in the sky over President Bush's home state, not far from his Crawford, TX ranch, with the first debris being sighted in Palestine, TX. Six Americans and the first Israeli astronaut were aboard. This is a dire warning that should not be ignored—the deaths of Americans and Israelis over Palestine...this is where the MidEast Road Map will lead.

Rome Statute, International Criminal Court - The International Criminal Court (ICC) will be a permanent court for trying individuals accused of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The ICC will be formally established after 60 countries have ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Ark of Hope - The Ark of Hope, a 49" x 32" x 32" wooden chest was created as a place of refuge for the Earth Charter document, an international peoples treaty for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century. The Earth Charter will be presented to the United Nations in 2002 for endorsement.

Global Stock Market - After two years of extensive discussions, the New York Stock Exchange and nine other exchanges around the world last month announced their intention to create a 24-hour global equity market. The NYSE and the participating exchanges from three main time zones-Australia, Tokyo and Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific; Sao Paulo, Mexico and Toronto in the Americas; and Euronext, the combined Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris exchanges, in Europe-plan to form a trading mechanism that would allow trading of the world's global companies to "follow the sun." (Sept, 2001)

America's New Religiosity - "America has all of a sudden gotten very religious. There are vigils and candlelight prayer services on every corner. People who hadn't said 'God' except in profanity for years are all of a sudden very pious and reflective. Radio personalities who were focused upon tax cuts or some other political issue on Monday, September 10th are now mulling over the role of "evil" in our world. The past week has turned the landscape upside down in many ways, to be sure. Lest anyone think this new religiosity is a reason for rejoicing for Christians, it most surely is not...." (Oct, 2001)

Chapel for Europe - "On Tuesday, a chapel in the heart of the European Quarter of Brussels was reopened after 20 years as a 'Chapel for Europe'. It is hoped that the chapel, renamed as Chapelle de la Résurrection (Chapel of the Resurrection), will act as 'a crucible of hope and unity' in the future integration of the EU. Robert Schuman, widely credited as one of the founding fathers of the EU, once said: 'Europe cannot remain economic and technical: it needs a soul.' It is expected that this new 'Chapel for Europe' will provide the level of spirituality that Mr Schuman was talking about." (Oct, 2001)

September 11, 2001 - "As part of an effort to read Biblical and historical significance into the events of the last two weeks, some people turned to Nostradamus and came up with a prediction that was never written by him. Some people even felt poetic license to alter an already false quote to make it "fit" the events a little tighter. What a waste of time. All they had to do was open a Tanach [Hebrew Bible/Old Testament] and read, among other prophets, Yeshayahu [Isaiah] and Daniel (Chapter 8)..." (Sept, 2001)

Life is in the Blood (Premarital Sex, Cloning, etc) - A commentary from the newsletter presented by "A Voice in the Wilderness" (April, 2001) 

Drug Abuse/Sorceries - "Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts." (March, 2001) 

Miscellaneous Tidbits on Revelation --  from The New John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible (February, 2001) 

Jubilee -Excerpt from "War with Amalek: Crisis Explodes in Autumn 2000" from Vendyl Jones Research Institutes (March, 2001)

Ariel Sharon - A look at the name and meaning from a Biblical perspective. (February, 2001) 

Exodus/Sharm al Sheikh - "I just finished reading 'The Gold of Exodus' by Howard Blum. This book allegedly proves that what we traditionally refer to as Mount Sinai is really a mountain in Saudi Arabia. There are a few things the author wrote about that seem plausible..." (November, 2000) 

Big Brother - A newsletter issue from "A Voice in the Wilderness." 

Name of Blashemy/Queen of Heaven - A study on the "forehead" of Jordan and place named Naqb. (September, 2000; Article by BPR list member

Camp David and the Temple Mount -- Excellent overview and insight in regards to the talks at Camp David on the issue of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. (Article by BPR List member, Aug, 2000)

The Jerusalem Covenant -- "... my husband has placed on his website...a copy of a covenant that was published in the 'Israel 1992' magazine..." (Article by BPR List member, July, 2000) 

Chronology of the Book of Revelation? — Every Sabbath the Jews read certain portions of the scriptures. These portions are divided into two groups: a reading from the Pentateuch (first 5 books) and the haftorah (prophetic). The schedule is either a one year or three year cycle. I have taken the book of Revelation and looked for parallels in the Pentateuch and have shown at what time each of these sections are read in a synagogue using either the one year or three year cycle. (Aug, 1999) 

5760+240=6000 — If Hashem (G-d) is wanting to let us in on the little secret about the End Times, there's a better way of doing it than counting down 2000 years. It is called the Seder Olam Rabbah, a Jewish instrument written in the year 240 C.E. (about 1,760 years ago) that records historical events from the start of Creation according to a pre-determined 6,000-year plan. (July, 2000)

Characteristics of the 1,000 Years — Excerpts from Nathaniel West's Studies in Eschatology (1899) (June, 2000)

Daniel 12:11-12 and End Time Events — The period to the end of the 7 years is 1,260 days but the prophecy above states there will be 1,290 days from the time the daily sacrifice is taken away, which is an additional 30 days. What will take place at the end of the 30 days is not stated but I think it will be the setting up of the 'abomination that maketh desolate.' In addition, the prophecy does not state what will take place during the 30 days but I think the Revelation of Jesus Christ reveals that to us.  (Article by BPR List Member, May, 2000)

The Winds of Revelation — The four winds are not the natural winds but (as we have seen) are the spiritual rulers of the four Gentile empires, the apocalyptic horsemen. (Article by BPR List member, May, 2000)  

What Was; What Is, and What Is To Come — When John was given the 'Revelation' on the Isle of Patmos, he was told, in Revelation 1: 19 "Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter" - what was; what is, and what is to come. Many Bible prophecies are presented in this sequence. The prophet tells what was, then what is and, lastly, what is to come. (Article written by BPR List member, May, 2000)

The Guests of Matthew 22 — The who, what, where, when and why of Matthew chap. 22.  (Article by BPR List Member, May, 2000)

Creature of Jekyll IslandThis is a transcription of a two tape set provided for free by Firefighters for Christ of a talk about the Federal Reserve System. Place and person names will probably be incorrect but the overall gist of what is going on is fascinating enough so that you will hopefully be able to overlook my errors. This work has been edited to make it more readable. (April, 2000)

Mary, Mary, Quite ContraryIs the Roman Catholic Mary the same Mary, mother of Jesus, in the Bible? (Mar, 2000)

Menorah — "...the seven-lamped candlestick that lit up the Temple of the Most High God — has been the most common symbol of the Jews for centuries. Long after the destruction of the Temple, it remains an amazing symbol that lives on. What is its true meaning? What relevance does it have for us today?" Excerpt from The Mystery of the Menorah by William F. Dankenbring as presented by Prophecy Flash! (Mar, 2000)

Biblical Calculations — An overview of biblical numerics including gematria, bible codes, theomatics, etc. (Feb, 2000)

Number Chapter 7 — Number patterns in Scripture unlock a deeper understanding of Numbers Chapter 7. This chapter is a real gem of God's number pattern worthy of the honor of the longest chapter of the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses. (Article by BPR List member, Feb, 2000) 

Eternal Life — I'm going to tell you right up front: what I know about this area of science could fit quite nicely (and have room to spare) in a very small thimble. The logistics as represented by me in this article may be off, but the basic concept is sound. I always know if something is worth persuing if I feel like I want to dance a jig as I hear the news. For this I wanted to dance two jigs. (Jan, 2000)

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words? — Take a look yourself.  Do you see what I see? (Jan, 2000)

The Efficacy of Prayer — I've been reading about geo-time. A second of geo-time would be two years of real time. On the geo-time scale a man lives for half a minute. If the Earth were a human being it would be about 70 years old now which is over 4 billion in geo-time. (Nov, 1999)

5760 / Tower of Babel — Each week a different portion (parashah/parshah) of the Pentateuch (first 5 books of the Bible) is read in Jewish synagogues... The readings from the book of Deuteronomy are said "to correspond to what will happen in each one hundred years of the sixth millennium—ten [portions] corresponding to ten periods of one hundred years." (Sept, 1999)

Y2K / Jabbok River Experience — "It is interesting to note, a rabbi pointed (half-seriously), that the letters "Y2K," which stand for the "Year 2000," when translated into Hebrew spell the work "Yavok"... Does this mean anything special? Perhaps not. Then again...." (August, 1999)

Messiah in The Legends of the Jews — The following are all the passages (heavily edited in most cases) dealing with the word "Messiah" (as per the index) which are in "The Legends of the Jews" by Louis Ginzberg. This is just for comparison and does not in any way admit to the veracity of certain passages. It is interesting in light of the fact that someone could take these expectations and use them to their advantage to counterfeit the pure office of the true Messiah. (Aug, 1999)

How Long is a Generation? — Discussion and comments by various BPR List members on the topic. (Aug, 1999)

Ape-man — In my reading of The Legends of the Jews, I came across the following that might help explain where Darwin's ape-man came from... (July, 1999)

An Elephant Tale — In Africa lie the largest savannahs in the world, home to an abundance of wildlife including the magnificent African elephant, the largest living land mammal. (July, 1999)

The Judgment of the Fever — When we look at the curses that were placed upon a man in Det. 28:22, 27 we notice that as they continue they become more and more personal. Here are some listed and their meanings: fever (to burn, kindle), inflammation (to flame, burn), sword (to parch), blastings (scorch), mildew (paleness), and botch (to burn). The general theme of all the various curses have almost the identical meaning which is "TO BURN." (Article by BPR List member, June, 1999)

The Prince of the Power of the Air Plays a Mean HAARP — My Online Bible says the word "air" above means: 1. the air, particularly the lower and denser air as distinguished from the higher and rarer air; 2. the atmospheric region. This is the area I'd like to concentrate on for this study—the atmosphere surrounding our earth. (June, 1999)

King Abdullah of Jordan — Recent news items. (June, 1999)

Ehud Barak, Israel's New Prime MinisterMy Online Bible says that the name Ehud means "I will give thanks: I will be praised" or "undivided, union." Ehud's story is told in Judges 3:15-30 where he is described as a lefthanded deliverer with a two edged dagger that was worn on his right thigh. (May, 1999)

Y2K/Yahoo — "The Hebrew language has always been the best clue to understanding Biblical affairs. Not only is it the original text of most of the Bible, but it is full of hidden clues to meanings..." (May, 1999)

Number Patterns in ScriptureHave you noticed how often certain numbers appear together in Scripture passages? Information that is not hidden in Hebrew or Greek letter values or in letters found after repeated spacings, but right on the surface as words in the text. A number code available to anyone who can read. The numbers 7, 12, 40, and 50 occur frequently within the same Bible passage. God as the master mathematician talks in number patterns. To begin a discussion on number patterns in Scriptures, first we need to see the pattern, then ask what does it mean? (Article by BPR List member, May, 1999)

John 21: The 153 Fish and the Net Arthur Custance is a very wise and intelligent man, with a list of degrees as long as my arm, covering fields such as languages and psychology. He shows, as others have also shown and said, that Jesus was the 77th generation from Adam. This number of generations remained in my mind, and it was while contemplating the meaning of the 153 fish in John 21:11, that the Holy Spirit enlightened me as to the meaning, not only of the 153 fish, but also the chapter itself. (Article by BPR List member, May, 1999)

Flowing Water from Foundation Stone on Temple Mount? — Rumors of flowing water from the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount have cost at least one man a few hours of freedom. Rabbi Yosef Elbaum, who regularly takes visitors on tours to Halakhically-permitted areas of the Temple Mount, was arrested yesterday when he attempted to verify the rumors of the flowing water. (May, 1999)

Coat of Arms of Prince Charles of Wales An examination of Prince Charles' Coat of Arms. Information mostly taken from Tim Cohen's The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea. (April, 1999)

Nostradamus — Man of God?For the past couple of months people have been asking me/referring to Nostradamus and wondering whether or not he was a man of God. I, personally, don't believe so. (April, 1999)

The History of SyriaInformation from Country Studies/Area Handbook Program of the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. (April, 1999)

The Image and Mark of God — and of the BeastThe image of the beast in Revelation comes to my mind frequently and so I found myself thinking about the word "image" today and decided to investigate it a little bit. I thought I'd share with you where my thoughts and investigations went. (Article by BPR List member, April, 1999)

This Century in the Psalms — I've seen in a couple of places where people have said that you can take a Psalm and it will describe the happenings of that year in this century—for example, Psalm 2 would be 1902, etc. (Mar, 1999)

Canada Mulls Taking Russian Plutonium — Ezekiel 39 speaks about the Gog/Magog war and states that the weapons used in this war will be used for fuel after the war. The following article discusses Canada taking Russia's plutonium off warheads to burn in nuclear reactors. (Mar, 1999)

The "Millennium Bug" Computer Problem in the Bible Codes — Possible bible code references in the book of Numbers. (Nov, 1998)

Red Beast/Islam/Ottoman Empire — "It is a well-known halachah [law] that Esau hates Jacob..." (Nov, 1998)

The PLO Charter —  THE PLO CHARTER: Resolutions of the Palestine National Council; July 1-17, 1968; TEXT OF THE CHARTER. (Sep, 1998)

The Two Genealogies of Jesus Christ — A few interesting things from Number in Scripture—Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance by E.W. Bullinger. (Aug, 1998)

Last Hashemite King? — Sermon on Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa Mosque) dated July 31, 1998. (Aug, 1998)

Dragons and Floods — "It is a cloudless September summer night, and the moon casts its shining image on the banks of the gentle Euphrates River..." (June, 1998)

The Great Pyramid — Questions on the great pyramid of Egypt. (May, 1998)

Chronology of the Crucifixion Week — I came across the following and found it so interesting I decided to type the whole thing and place it on the BPR website. I received the original from Chapel Library at and just wanted to pass it along. (May, 1998)

King Hussein of Jordan — Activities surrounding Hussein and the Temple Mount. (May, 1998)

King Hussein of Jordan: An Historical View — Background material on Hussein and his country. (May, 1998)

The Future Glory of the ChristThe Christ of God Horatius Bonar (1808-1890) (May, 1998)

History Improved — Or, Christian Applications and Improvements of Divers Remarkable Passages in History by Thomas Wilcox. (May, 1998)

City of Angels — The following is a short study on the new movie "City of Angels" due to be released April 10, 1998...The 20th century has seen the proliferation of books and movies bowing to the "Lord of Romance" who is one of the oldest members of the pantheon of gods, and this movie could be his clarion call (along with "Ghost"). (April, 1998)

The Ten PlaguesThe Learning Channel recently aired a program on the Ten Plagues (4/98) that discussed the theory that the plagues weren't ten separate events, but one long series of connected events. (April, 1998)



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