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Title: Living Beings (Ezekiel 1)
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Date: July 21, 1998
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Living Beings (Ezekiel 1)

Living Beings (1:4-27)
Ezekiel 1:4
Ezekiel 1:5
Ezekiel 1:6
Ezekiel 1:7
Ezekiel 1:8
Ezekiel 1:9
Ezekiel 1:10
Ezekiel 1:11

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Holman Bible Publishers.

1. All the original words are treated in their alphabetical Hebrew order, and are numbered regularly from the first to the last, each being known throughout by its appropriate number. This renders references easy without recourse to the Hebrew characters.

2. Immediately after each word is given its exact equivalent in English letters, according to the system of transliteration laid down in the scheme here following, which is substantially that adopted in the Common English Version, only more consistently and uniformly carried out; so that the word could readily be turned back again into Hebrew from the form thus given it.

3. Then ensues a tracing of the etymology, radical meaning, and applied signification of the word, justly but tersely analyzed and expressed, with any other important peculiarities in this regard.

4. Finally (after the punctuation-mark :--) are given all the different renderings of the word in the Authorized English Version, arranged in the alphabetical order of the leading terms, and conveniently condensed.

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