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Title: "...And His Kingdom was Full of Darkness"
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Date: May, 1998
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'...And His Kingdom was Full of Darkness...'

The following are excerpts of ancient manuscripts and traditions handed down by different peoples around the world. The premise of the book is that the earth is passing through the tail and approaching the body of a comet.

- "Numerous rabbinical sources exceedingly strong wind [that] endured seven days. All the time the land was shrouded in darkness. 'On the fourth, fifth, and sixth days, the darkness was so dense that they [the people of Egypt] could not stir from their place' 'The darkness was of such a nature that it could not be dispelled by artificial means. The light of the fire was either extinguished by the violence of storm, or else it was made invisible and swallowed up in the density of the darkness...Nothing could be discerned...None was able to speak or to hear, nor could anyone venture to take food, but they lay themselves down...their outward senses in a trance. Thus they remained, overwhelmed by the affliction. The darkness was of such kind that 'their eyes were blinded by it and their breath choked'; it was 'not of ordinary earthy kind.'"

- "A shrine of black granite found at el-Arish on the border of Egypt and Palestine bears a long inscription in hieroglyphics. It reads: 'The land was in great affliction. Evil fell on this earth...There was a great upheavel in the residence...Nobody could leave the palace [there was no exit from the palace] during nine days, and during these nine days of upheaval there was such a tempest that neither men nor gods [the royal family] could see the faces of those beside them.'"

- Tribes of the Sudan refer "to a time when the night would not come to an end."

- "Kalevala, the epos of the Finns, tells of a time when hailstones of iron fell from the sky, and the sun and the moon disappeared (were stolen from the sky) and did not appear again; in their stead, after a period of darkness, a new sun and a new moon were placed in the sky."

- "In the manuscripts of Avila and Molina, who collected the traditions of the Indians of the New World, it is related that the sun did not appear for five days; a cosmic collision of stars preceded the cataclysm; people and animals tried to escape to mountain caves. 'Scarcely had they reached there when the sea, breaking out of bounds following a terrifying shock, began to rise on the Pacific coast. But as the sea rose, filling the valleys and the plains around, the mountain of Ancasmarca rose, too, like a ship on the waves. During the five days that this cataclysm lasted, the sun did not show its face and the earth remained in darkness.'"

- The Peruvians "describe a time when the sun did not appear for five days. In the upheaval, the earth changed its profile, and the sea fell upon the land."

- "East of Egypt, in Babylonia, the eleventh tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh refers to the same events. From out the horizon rose a dark cloud and it rushed against the earth; the land was shriveled by the heat of the flames. 'Desolation...stretched to heaven; all that was bright was turned into darkness...Nor could a brother distinguish his brother...Six days...the hurricane, deluge, and tempest continued sweeping the land...and all human back to its clay was returned.'"

- The book Bundahis "tells of the world being dark at midday as though it were in deepest night: it was a war between the stars and the planets."

(Worlds in Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky)


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