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Title: Babylon: New York City, September 11, 2001
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Date: September 24, 2001
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Babylon 3
New York City, September 11, 2001

7 Tishri 5762
September 24, 2001


Revelation 18

9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, 10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. 11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: 12 The merchandise of gold (5557),


5557 crusoV chrusos khroo-sos'

perhaps from the base of 5530 (through the idea of the utility of the metal), gold;

AV-gold 13; 13

1) precious things made of gold, golden ornaments
         1a) an image made of gold
         1b) stamped gold, gold coin


5530 craomai chraomai khrah'-om-ahee

middle voice of a primary verb (perhaps rather from 5495, to handle);

AV-use 10, entreat 1; 11

1) to receive a loan
2) borrow
3) to take for one's use, to use
         3a) to make use of a thing

and silver (696),


696 arguroV arguros ar'-goo-ros

from argos (shining);

AV-silver 5; 5

1) silver
          1a) #1Co 3:12 refers to the silver with which the columns of noble buildings
                    were covered and the rafters adorned
          1b) things made of silver
                    1b1) vessels
                    1b2) images of gods


1 Corinthians 3:12 Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; 13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is. 14 If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. 15 If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

and precious (5093)


5093 timioV timios tim'-ee-os including the comparative timiwteroV timioteros tim-ee-o'-ter-os and the superlative timiwtatoV timiotatos tim-ee-o'-tat-os

from 5092;

AV-precious 8, most precious 2, more precious 1, dear 1, honourable 1, had in reputation 1; 14

1) as of great price, precious
2) held in honour, esteemed, especially dear


5092 timh time tee-may'

from 5099;

AV-honour 35, price 8, sum 1, precious 1; 43

1) a valuing by which the price is fixed
          1a) of the price itself
          1b) of the price paid or received for a person or thing bought or sold
2) honour which belongs or is shown to one
          2a) of the honour which one has by reason of rank and state of office
          which he holds
          2b) deference, reverence


5099 tinw tino tee'-no strengthened for a primary tiw tio tee'-o (which is only used as an alternate in certain tenses)

AV-be punished+1349 1; 1

1) to pay, to recompense
2) to pay penalty, suffer punishment

stones (3037),


3037 liqoV lithos lee'-thos

apparently a primary word;

AV-stone 49, one stone 4, another 4, stumbling stone+4348 2, mill stone+3457 1; 60

1) a stone
          1a) of small stones
          1b) of building stones
          1c) metaph. of Christ

and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, 13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots (4480),


4480 reda rheda hred'-ah

of Latin origin;

AV-chariot 1; 1

1) a chariot, a type of vehicle having four wheels

and slaves (4983),


4983 swma soma so'-mah

from 4982;

AV-body 144, bodily 1, slave 1; 146

1) the body both of men or animals
          1a) a dead body or corpse
          1b) the living body
                    1b1) of animals
2) the bodies of planets and of stars (heavenly bodies)
3) is used of a (large or small) number of men closely united into one society, or family as it were; a social, ethical, mystical body
          3a) so in the NT of the church
4) that which casts a shadow as distinguished from the shadow itself


4982 swzw sozo sode'-zo

from a primary sos (contraction for obsolete saos, "safe");

AV-save 93, make whole 9, heal 3, be whole 2, misc 3; 110

1) to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction
          1a) one (from injury or peril)
                    1a1) to save a suffering one (from perishing), i.e. one suffering
                    from disease, to make well, heal, restore to health
                    1b1) to preserve one who is in danger of destruction, to save or rescue
          1b) to save in the technical biblical sense
                    1b1) negatively
                              1b1a) to deliver from the penalties of the Messianic judgment
                              1b1b) to save from the evils which obstruct the reception of the
                              Messianic deliverance

and souls of men. 14 And the fruits (3703)


3703 opwra opora op-o'-rah

apparently from the base of 3796 and 5610;

AV-fruit 1; 1

1) the season which succeeds summer, from the rising of Sirius to that of Arcturus, i.e. from late summer, early autumn, our dog days
2) ripe fruits (of trees)

that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty (3045)


3045 liparoV liparos lip-ar-os'

from lipos (grease);

AV-dainty 1; 1

1) things which pertain to a sumptuous and delicate style of living

and goodly (2986)


2986 lamproV lampros lam-pros'

from the same as 2985;

AV-bright 2, goodly 2, white 2, gorgeous 1, gay 1, clear 1; 9

1) shining
          1a) brilliant
          1b) clear, transparent
2) splendid, magnificent
          2a) splendid things i.e. luxuries or elegancies in dress or style

are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all. 15 The merchants (1713)


1713 emporoV emporos em'-por-os

from 1722 and the base of 4198;

AV-merchant 5; 5

1) one on a journey, whether by sea or by land, esp. for trade
2) a merchant as opposed to a retailer or petty tradesman

of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear (5401)


5401 foboV phobos fob'-os

from a primary phebomai (to be put in fear);

AV-fear 41, terror 3, misc 3; 47

1) fear, dread, terror
          1a) that which strikes terror
2) reverence for one's husband

of her torment, weeping and wailing, 16 And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! 17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, 18 And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!


The World Trade Center, also known as the "Twin Towers," was built as a result of a massive urban renewal project sponsored by the Port Authority of New York. Begun in 1966 and completed in 1970, the 16-acre site is the center of international trade and commerce. At least 50,000 people work at the World Trade Center and another 70,000 visit each day.

The Center consists of two 110-story (1350 feet each) office towers (One and Two World Trade Center), a 47-story office building (Seven World Trade Center), two nine-story office buildings (Four and Five World Trade Center), an eight-story U.S. Customhouse (Six World Trade Center), and the 22-story New York Marriott World Trade Center Hotel (Three World Trade Center).

The buildings are located around the 5-acre Austin J. Tobin Plaza. The World Trade Center Mall, located immediately below the plaza, hosts a wide range of shops and restaurants.


Following are the businesses that had offices in the two 110-story towers of the World Trade Center that collapsed after terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Abad, Castilla and Mallonga, Attorneys
Adecco SA, Employment Agencies
AFXpress, Publishing
Agricor Commodities Corp. - CF, Investments
A I G Aviation Brokerage, Inc., Insurance Agencies
Airport Access Program -CF, Banks/Financial Institutions
Alan Anthony - CF, Business Consultants
Alliance Consulting, Business Consultants
Allstate Insurance Company, Insurance Agencies
American Bureau of Shipping, Engineers
American Lota International - CF, Transportation/Utilities
American TCC Int'l Group, Inc., Investments
Amerson Group Co., Inc. , Organizations
Ann Taylor Loft
Anne Pope, Law Offices of, Attorneys
Antal International, Inc., Employment Agencies
AON Corporation, Insurance Agencies
Aramark, Concessions
Asahi Bank, Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
ASTDC, Inc., Organizations
AT&T Corporation, Telecommunication
Atlantic Bank of New York, Banks/Financial Institutions
Auto Imperial Co., Wholesalers
Avenir, Inc., Computer Services
Avesta Computer Services, Ltd., Data Processing
Baltic Oil Corporation,
Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones, Banks/Financial Institutions
Bank of America, Banks/Financial Institutions
Bank of Taiwan, Banks/Financial Institutions
Barcley Dwyer
The Beast.Comm, Computer Services
Law Office of Joseph Bellard, Attorneys
Berel & Mullen, Attorneys
Big A Travel Agency, Travel Agencies/Tours
Blue Sky Technologies, Inc., Computer Services
Bramax Manufacturing (USA) Corp., Wholesalers
Bright China Capital, Ltd., Investments
C & P Press, Business Services
California Bank & Trust, Banks/Financial Institutions
Can-Achieve, Business Consultants
Candia Shipping, Wholesalers
Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, Investments
Career Engine, Research
Carr Futures
Caserta & Company
Cedar Capital Management Associates, Inc.
Cedel Bank, Investments
Chang HWA Commercial Bank, Banks/Financial Institutions
Channel 2 (WCBS), Cable/Television
Channel 4 (NBC), Cable/Television
Channel 5 (WNYW), Cable/Television
Channel 11 (WPIX), Cable/Television
Channel 31 (WBIS), Cable/Television
Channel 47 (WNJU), Cable/Television
Charna Chemicals, Inc., Manufacturing
Charoen Pokphand USA, Inc., Transportation/Utilities
Chen, Lin, Li, & Jiang, LLP, Investments
Cheng Cheng Enterprises Holding Inc, Retailers
Cheng Xiang Trading USA Inc., Computer Services
Chicago Options Exchange Corp., Investments
China Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Organizations
China Construction America, Inc., Construction
China Daily Distribution Corp., Business Services
China Patent & Trademark USA, Attorneys
China Resource Products USA Ltd.
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
CIIC Group (USA), Ltd., Investments
Colortek Kodak Imaging Center, Business Services
Commerzbank Capital Markets, Investments
Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Investments
The Company Store, Retailers
Consolidated Steelex Corp., Manufacturing
Continental Insurance Company
Continental Logistics, Inc., Business Services
Corporation Service Company
The Cultural Institutions Retirement Systems, Trusts
Daehan Intertional, Investments
Dahao USA Corp, Wholesalers
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Trust Co., Trusts
Data Transmission Network Corp.
David Peterson, Attorneys
Dayrd & Van Thunen Co., Insurance Agencies
December First Productions, LLC
Delta Airlines, Transportation/Utilities
Dempsey, Myers & Company, CPA firm
Dongwon Securities Co. Ltd., Investments
Dow Jones & Company, Inc., Printers/Publishers
Drinker Biddle & Reath, Attorneys
Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., Research
Dunavant Commodity Corp, Investments
eMeritus Communications, Telecommunication
Empire Health Choice, Insurance Agencies
Employee Merit, Employment Agencies
EuroBrokers, Inc., Investments
Fertitta Enterprises
Fiduciary Trust Company International, Banks/Financial Institutions
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Insurance Agencies
First Commercial Bank, Banks/Financial Institutions
First Liberty Investment Group, Investments
Fred Alger Magement, Inc., Investments
Frenkel & Company, Inc., Insurance Agencies
Friends Ivory & Sime, Inc., Investments
Friends Villas Fischer Trust, Investments
Fuji Bank, Banks/Financial Institutions
Garban Intercapital
Garban-Intercapital, Investments
Gayer Shyu & Wiesel, Investments
Gayer, Shyu & Wiesel, Accountants
G.C. Services, Collection Agencies
Geiger & Geiger, Attorneys
General Telecommunications
Gibbs & Hill, Engineers
Global Crossings Holdings Ltd., Computer Services
Globe Tour & Travel, Travel Agencies/Tours
Golden King (USA) Limited, Transportation/Utilities
Gold Sky Inc., Manufacturing
Government of Thailand
Greatest Bar on Earth
Guy Carpenter, Insurance Agencies
G. Z. Stephens, Inc., Employment Agencies
Hal Roth Agency, Inc., Insurance Agencies
Harris Beach LLP, Attorneys
Hartford Steam Boiler, Insurance Agencies
Hill Betts & sh, LLP, Attorneys
Howly (US) Corporation,
Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
Hu Tong International (USA) Co., Ltd., Wholesalers
Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd., Investments
Instinet, Inc., Investments
Intera Group Inc., Employment Agencies
International Office Centers Corporation, Business Services
International Trade Center, Inc., Public Relations Agencies
Intrust Investment Realty, Inc.,
J & X Tans International, Transportation/Utilities
Johnston & Murphy,
Julien J. Studley, Inc., Real Estate
Jun He Law Office, LLC, Attorneys
Kaiser Overseas Inc., Manufacturing
Kanebo Information Systems Corp., U, Computer Services
Karoon Capital Magement, Investments
M.A. Katz, CPA, Accountants
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Investments
Keenan Powers & Andrews, Attorneys
Kemper Insurance Companies, Insurance Agencies
Kidder Peabody & Co.
KITC, Investments
Korea Local Authorities Foundation for Intertional, Government/Schools
Koudis International Inc., Transportation/Utilities
Landmark Education Corporation, Government/Schools
Lava Trading, LLC
Leeds & Morrelli, Attorneys
Lehman Brothers
LG Insurance Company
LG Securities America, Inc., Investments
Lief International USA, Manufacturing
LoCurto & Funk, Inc., Investments
John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc, Investments
MAA Trading Group, Inc., Investments
Mancini Duffy, Architects
Marsh USA, Inc., Insurance Agencies
Martin Progressive LLC, Computer Services
May Davis Group, Investments
John J. McMullen Associates, Inc., Engineers
Mechanical Floor
Meganet Management Consultants, Inc, Computer Services
Meridian Ventures Holding, Inc.,
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Insurance Agencies
MIS Service Co.
MLU Investment
Morgan Stanley, Investments
Mutual International Forwarding, Transportation/Utilities
National Development & Research Institute, Research
Natural Nydegger Transport Corp., Transportation/Utilities
Network Plus, Telecommunication
New Continental Enterprises, Transportation/Utilities
New-ey International Corp., Business Services
New York Stock Exchange, Inc.
NFA/GGG, Inc.,
Nichols Foundation, Inc., Government/Schools
Nikko Securities, Banks/Financial Institutions
The Nishi-Nippon Bank, Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
Noga Commodities Overseas, Inc., Investments
NY Coffee Station
N.Y. Institute of Finance Business Consultants
NY Metro Transportation Council, Government/Schools
N.Y. Shipping Association, Transportation/Utilities
N.Y. Society of Security Analysts, Government/Schools
NY State Department of Taxation & Finance, Government/Schools
Okasan International (American) Inc., Investments
Okato Shoji Company, Ltd., Computer Services
Olympia Airport Express
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc., Investments
Orient International
Overseas Union Bank, Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
Pace University, Government/Schools
Pacific American Co., Wholesalers
Pacrim Trading & Shipping, Inc., Transportation/Utilities
Paging Network of New York, Telecommunication
Patinka International (USA) Inc., Business Services
PASS Consulting Group
Pines Investment, Inc.
Porcella Vicini & Co., Transportation/Utilities
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Government/Schools
Primarch Decision Economics, Business Consultants
Professiol Assistance & Consulting, Business Consultants
Prospect International, Inc.
Pure Energy Corp., Wholesalers
P. Wolfe Consultants, Business Consultants
Quint Amasis, L.L.C., Business Services
R.H. Wrightson & Associates, Inc., Investments
Rachel & Associates, Inc., Manufacturing
James T. Ratner, Law Office of, Attorneys
Reginaol Alliance Small Contractors, Construction
Regus Business Centres, Employment Agencies
RGL Gallagher PC, Accountants
RLI Insurance Company, Insurance Agencies
Rohde & Liesenfeld, Inc., Transportation/Utilities
Law Offices of Roman V. Popik, Attorneys
Royal Thai Embassy Office, Government/Schools
Sandler O'Neill & Partners, Investments
San-In Godo Bank Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
Sassoons Inc.
SCOR U.S. Corporation, Insurance Agencies
The SCPIE Companies
Seabury & Smith, Insurance Agencies
Securant Technologies, Computer Services
Security Traders Association, Inc., Organizations
Serko & Simon, Attorneys
Shizuoka Bank Ltd., Banks/Financial Institutions
Showtime Pictures, Business Services
Sidley Austin, Brown & Wood, L.L.P., Attorneys
Sinochem American Holdings, Inc., Investments
Sinolion (USA)
Sinopec USA, Inc., Wholesalers
Sitailong International USA, Inc.
SMW Trading Corp., Investments
Strategic Communications, Inc., Telecommunication
Strawberry, Retailers
Streamline Capital, LLC
Suggested Open Systems, Inc., Computer Services
Sun Microsystems, Inc., Computer Services
Suntendy America, Inc., Wholesalers
T&T Enterprises International Inc, Miscellaneous
Tai Fook Securities, Investments
Taipei Bank, Banks/Financial Institutions
TD Waterhouse Group, Inc., Investments
Thacher, Proffitt & Wood, Attorneys
Temenos USA, Inc., Wholesalers
Tes USA, Inc., Investments
Thai Farmers Bank, Banks/Financial Institutions
Thermo Electron
ThinkPath, Employment Agencies
Dr. Tadasu Tokumaru, M.D., Doctors
Tower Computer Service, Retailers
Traders Access Center, Investments
Trading Technologies, Inc., Software
Turner Construction Company, Construction
Unicom Capital Advisors LLP, Investments
Union Bank of California International, Banks/Financial Institutions
Unistrat Corporation of America, Business Consultants
United Hercules Inc., Travel Agencies/Tours
United Seamen's Service AMMLA, Social Services
Verizon Communications, Telecommunication
Wai Gao Qiao USA, Inc., Business Consultants
Wall Street Planning Association
The Washington Group
Washington Mutual, Inc.
Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, Government/Schools
Weatherly Securities Corp., Investments
Weiland International, Investments
The Williams Capital Group
Windows on the World, Retailers
W.J. Export-Import, Inc., Wholesalers
World Trade Centers Association, Organizations
World Trade Club
World Trade Institute
World Travel, Travel Agencies/Tours
Xcel Federal Credit Union, Banks/Financial Institutions
Xerox Document Company, Manufacturing
Yong Ren America, Inc.
Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co., Transportation/Utilities
Richard A. Zimmerman, Esq. Attorneys


Prayers, Hope Fill Yankee Stadium

Copyright 2001 by The Associated Press
Mon, 24 Sep 2001

NEW YORK (AP) -- Americans turned to their churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and even one of the city's baseball fields in hope that religion would offer a roadmap out of horror.

Sunday's special focus was on the interfaith ``A Prayer for America'' service at New York's Yankee Stadium. The nationally televised event was held especially for the families of victims and the rescue workers who've become heroes to a weary city and nation.

The event -- part sacred and part secular, both a patriotic rally and prayer meeting -- was led by several celebrities but was essentially a community affair, unlike the inter-religious service Sept. 14 at Washington's National Cathedral.


The carefully balanced religious roster also included leaders of local Hindu and Sikh temples, black and white Protestant pastors, Armenian and Greek Orthodox archbishops, and male and female Jewish rabbis.

The master of ceremonies was television's Oprah Winfrey, who added a New Age touch, saying ``when you lose a loved one you gain an angel whose name you know.'' On Sept. 11, she said, ``6,000 angels were added to the spiritual roster.''



New York (city)

New York, the largest city in the United States...Manhattan, the most densely populated borough and the city's economic and cultural center, is often considered to be synonymous with New York City....New York is the location of the headquarters for many leading U.S. business firms, as well as the U.S. television and radio broadcasting industry, and it is the home of the United Nations. Most banks and brokerage firms and the exchanges--the New York and American stock exchanges, the commodity exchanges, and the maritime exchange--are found in the Wall Street area, a world financial center. The city is also the largest wholesale trade center in the United States; cereals, furs, produce, paper, meat, and leather are the main commodities. Retail trade in New York is centered in midtown Manhattan...In the manufacturing sector, the garment and publishing industries are the two largest and best-known industries in New York, and petrochemicals, processed foods, metal goods, electrical machinery, paper products, and leather goods are also produced...A hub of U.S. and world transportation, New York has one of the world's finest natural harbors. It is ice-free year-round and deep enough to enable large ships to reach its piers regardless of the tide. The port has 931 km (578 mi) of direct water frontage, with an additional 411 km (255 mi) in the adjacent New Jersey bays...The city operates the nation's largest public education system, with nearly 1,000 schools administered by a 7-member board of education and 32 local boards. The City University of New York comprises 19 senior and junior colleges, among them Brooklyn, Hunter, Queens, and City. Among the private universities are Columbis, Fordham, New York, Yeshiva, branches of some Long Island universities, and Barnard College. Numerous hospitals and several major medical-research centers, including Rockefeller University and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, are located in New York City...One of New York's most famous streets, Broadway begins in lower Manhattan at Battery Park and traverses the island for its entire length. Downtown, Broadway passes through the Wall Street and City Hall areas. At Broadway and 34th Street, Macy's, one of the world's largest department stores, marks the heart of the garment district. Seventh Avenue intersects Broadway immediately north of 42d Street at Times Square...Farther north on Broadway, between 62d and 66th Streets, is Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. In the Columbia University area, to the east of Broadway north of 110th Street, is the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, the largest Gothic-style cathedral in the world...Fifth Avenue is known for its department stores and elegant residences. It is also the site of several world-famous art museums...contains a wide variety of other museums...Lower Fifth Avenue ends in Washington Square Park, a focal point of the area known as Greenwich Village, long associated with the city's artistic community. South of Greenwich Village lies SoHo, also an artists' and writers' neighborhood. Lower Manhattan is the location of the Woolworth Building, the World Trade Center (its twin towers are the tallest buildings in the city), and Fraunces Tavern (1719). The United Nations Headquarters, on the East River at 42d Street, occupies a 7-ha (18-acre) plot. The complex includes parks, sculptures, and a riverfront promenade...sports [are] one of the major businesses in the city...Following the American Revolution, from 1785 to 1790, New York served as the capital of the United States. There Washington was inaugurated president in 1789. New York was also the capital of New York State until 1796, when the seat of government was moved to Albany.

Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc., 1995


New York City has been called "The Promised Land"...Busy little tugs dart here and there; lazy, loaded scows pull out to sea; heavy freighters carry the corn or the meat of the Middle West across the seas or bring to port coffee and tea and luxuries for our table; queenly liners, tourist-laden, are bound for European ports or for the Orient...Landing on Manhattan, [you] will quickly be in the midst of man's greatest achievements in the fields of science and engineering; for here are some of the finest examples of modern bridge building, numerous tunnels cut through the solid rock on which the city is built, and the tallest structures in the world...The shores of Manhattan Island are lined with docks and wharves of the largest steamship lines in the world...

The Wonderland of Knowledge Encyclopedia, 1965



Lance J. Sussman, Department of History,
Binghamton University
State University of New York, Binghamton, NY

New York State is the location of both the oldest and largest Jewish community in North America. With nearly 2 million Jews, New York City alone accounts for over one-third of all Jews in the United States. At present, New York City remains the principal port of entry and site of settlement for new Jewish immigrants to the United States including Iranian, Israeli and Russian Jews. New York City is widely viewed as both the organizational and cultural "capital" of the American Jewish community with the majority of major American Jewish organizations maintaining their offices in Manhattan. Indeed, New York City has played such an outstanding role in American Jewish history that it is often difficult to separate local New York Jewish history from the larger national picture.


Rabbi to American Jews: Time to Come Home!

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of the Galilee city of Tsfat, made the following remarks on Arutz-7 two days after the catastrophic attacks in the United States:

The perpetrators of these attacks are, amazingly, people who just love death. As the verse says, "Those who hate Me [G-d] love death." We, on the other hand, love life, we constantly pray for life, and especially during these High Holy days we say, Remember us for Life, Inscribe us in the Book of Life, etc. G-d, too, loves life. His Temple is totally dedicated to life, we are not permitted to bring corpses into it, even one who touched a dead body, or one who touched one who touched a dead body, etc., is not permitted to enter the Holy Temple. Even stones cut by tools that could be used for war are not permitted to be used for the Temple. On the other hand, many monasteries have skeletons and crypts, and the Arabs bury their dead in their holiest sites, such as Feisal Husseini recently. These people simply love to see death.

"We know that Eretz Yisrael is the place on which, as the Torah says, G-ds eyes are directed "from the beginning of the year until the end of the year." It is simply the place of Divine Providence, and we know that this is true, as we have seen so many miracles here over the past year. The Jews in America have helped us greatly over the years, and now it is our turn to help them. We have absorbed so many new immigrants over the past years, and we can do so again with American Jewry. It is time for us to tell our brothers in America, You have nothing to do there - come home!


New York's attractions are almost innumerable--enough to draw over 17 million visitors per year--but they include 150 museums, 400 art galleries, 38 Broadway theaters, and scores of concert halls, clubs, and dance halls. In addition there are 780 landmark buildings, 50 landmark interiors, and 51 historic districts...The city leads the nation in the arts, fashion, advertising, banking and financial services, publishing, broadcasting, and certain of the service industries; it is the home of the UN General Assembly; and there are 87 colleges and universities...Manufactured products comprise apparel, chemicals, metal products, and printing.

The Universal Almanac, 1992


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