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or, The Constellations
by Frances Rolleston

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"Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?"-Job 33:32




Prophecies corresponding in word or type with the figures and the names SCORPIO
Texts where the word or its root is used in this sense in the Hebrew Bible Hebrew Roots
Gen 3:15 Hebrew name, Akrab, the scorpion, or the conflict  
Psa 91:13
Psa 144:1
Psa 91:13 Arabic, Al Akrab, the same, wounding Him that cometh Gen 49:6 rq(
Isa 53 Syriac, the same Gen 49:10 )b
  Coptic, Isidis, attack of the enemy oppress Psa 17:9 d#
Greek, Scorpios. Sept. and Vulg. Psa 91:13. NT Rev 9:3 cleaving in conflict  
Latin, Scorpio. Sept. and Vulg. battle Job 38:23 brq(#)
Names in the Sign
  Heb., Lesath, in the figure of the Scorpion, the perverse Prov 4:24 tzl
Arab., Al Kalb, the cleaving as in conflict, the enemy dog Psa 22:16 blk
Zech 13:6   — a Antares, the wounding. (Arab. form.) (cutting) Jer 36:23 r(t
First Decan
THE SERPENT, held by Ophiuchus
Gen 3:14 Heb., Alyah, the accursed Judg 17:2 hl)
    — a Unuk, encompassing Psa 73:6 qn(
Arab., Al Hay, the reptile living thing Gen 8:17 hyx
Second Decan
Or Serpentarius, a human figure grasping the serpent, treading on the scorpion
Psa 91:13 Heb. and Arab., Afeichus, the serpent viper Isa 59:5 (p)
  held take Exo 4:4 zh)
Arab., b Cheleb, or Chelbalrai, in the serpent, enfolding
Heb., Triophas, treading under foot stamped Dan 7:7 spr
  — Saiph, in the foot, bruised Gen 3:15 Pw#
  — Carnebus, the wounding pierced Psa 22:10 r)k
treading on Psa 60:12 sb
Isa 63:1   — Megeros, contending conflict Psa 39:11 hrg
  Arab., a Ras al Hagus, head of him who holds take Exo 4:4 zx)
  — Ras al Awa, as in Hercules head Isa 9:15 #)r
Hercules, al Rai, Marsic, as in Hercules
Gr., Ophiuchus, holder of the serpent (as Afeichus)
  — Esculapius, Cheleb, who holds, and Afei, the serpent
Persian, Affalius, serpent-holder
Lat., Serpentarius, holder of the serpent
Third Decan
A human figure kneeling on one knee, holding a branch,
the other foot over the head of Draco

Names of the Figure
  Arab., El Giscale, the strong wounded Psa 24:8 z(
Isa 53:5 hlx
Heb., Marsic, the wounding. (Sept. and Vulg.) sword Psa 42:10 hcr
Gen 3:15   — Caiam, punishing (Arab., treading under foot) chastening Job 5:17 hky
Isa 53   — Ma'asym, the sin-offering Isa 53:10 M#)
    — b Kornephorus, the branch, kneeling kneeling Judg 7:5 (rk
boughs Lev 23:40 xrp
Arab., a Ras al Gethi, head of him who bruises press Lam 1:15 tg
Hagg 2:7   — Ras al Awa, head of the desired Isa 26:8 hw)
    — Al Rai, who bruises, breaks Psa 2:9 (r
Gr., Engonasin, who kneels. Sept. Judges 7:5 goeth Job 34:8 xr)
Lat., Hercules, who cometh to labour, to suffer Isa 53:3,4 hlh
Lat., Hercules, the strong strength 2 Sam 22:40 lhy

The same star has always been reckoned in the head of Hercules as Ras al Gethi, the head of him who bruises, and Ras al Awa, head of the Desired, and also in Ophiuchus as Ras al Hagus, head of him who holds, and Ras al Awa, head of the Desired. Thus is shown that the two figures relate to the same person, the conqueror of the serpent, the Desire of nations (Hagg 2:7).


Prophecies corresponding in word or type with the figures and the names SAGITTARIUS
Texts where the word or its root is used in this sense in the Hebrew Bible Hebrew Roots
Psa 45:4,5
Micah 5:2
Gen 10:13
Hebrew name of the Sign, Kesith, the archer, or the bow Gen 21:20 t#q
Gen 49:24  
Hab 3:9,11 Arabic, Al Kaus, the arrow arrows Psa 45:5 Ch
  Syriac, Kesith the bow Hab 3:9  
Rev 6:2 Coptic, Pi-maere, the going forth shoot 1 Sam 20:36 hry
  Greek, Toxotes, the archer
Latin, Sagittarius, the archer, who sends forth the arrow Gen 49:23 ycx
1 Sam 20:20 hry
Names in the Sign
Psa 72:7 Heb., Naim, the Gracious, the delighted in Psa 27:4 M(n
Psa 68:11   — Nushata, the going or sending forth went about Num 11:8 +#
  Arab., Al Naim, the Gracious, pleasant Ruth 1:20  
  — Al Shaula, the dart marg. dart Joel 2:8 hl#
  — Al Warida, who comes forth comes down Psa 72:6 dry
  — Ruchba er rami, the riding of the bowman Psa 45:4,5  
  — Urkab er rami, the bowman Jer 4:29 xmr
  — Urkab er rami, the rider Exo 15:21 bkr
Psa 18:10   — Al Naim, Al Sadira, the Gracious, who strives laboured Dan 6:14 rd#
  Heb., Terebellum, sent forth swiftly hasty 1 Sam 20:20
Eccl 7:9
Gr., Croton, the purchaser, (referring to Libra) bought Hosea 3:2 hrk
First Decan
Eze 1:10 THE EAGLE, holding the Lyre Eze 1:10 r#n
  Heb., b Shelyuk, the fishing eagle, Lev 11:17 sent forth Gen 3:23 xl#
to smite Exo 21:18 hkh
  — Sulaphat, springing up groweth Psa 129:6 Pl#
Rev 4:7 Arab., Al Nesr, the eagle, Lev 11:13 coming straight 1 Sam 6:12 r#y
  Heb., a Vega, he shall be exalted triumph Exo 15:1 h)g
Lat., Lyra, the lyre, or harp
Second Decan
ARA, The Altar
Exo 20:24,25 Arab., Al Mugamra, the completing, finishing perfect Psa 138:8 rmg
  Gr., Thusiasterion, altar. Sept. Gen 8:20 Rev 6:9
Rev 8:3 Lat., Ara, the same
Third Decan
Psa 91:13
DRACO, The Dragon, or Serpent
Psa 91:13  
Isa 27:1 Heb., g Ethanin, the long serpent or dragon Psa 91:13 Nynt
Exo 7:9  
Rev 20:2   — Grumian, the subtile Gen 3:1 Mr(
    — Giansar, the punished enemy punishment
1 Sam 28:10
Psa 139:20
  — Thuban, the subtile (Arab., serpent), (wise) Gen 41:33 Nyb
  — Rastaban, head of the subtile, or serpent head Gen 3:15 #)r
Arab., Al Dib, the reptile
  — a Al Waid, who is to be destroyed Job 21:17 dy)
  — El Athik, the fraudful Psa 10:7 Kt
  — El Asieh, the bowed down stoop Job 9:13 xx#
Gr., Drakon, the Dragon, Sept. Psa 91:13 Rev 20, trodden on tread upon Deut 33:29 Krd
Lat., Draco, Vulg., the same

In the First Decan, the Persian sphere had a man with a crooked beak on his head, like the eagle-god, the Nisroch of Assyrian sculptures. Nesir, the eagle, might be confounded with Shir, music, and have given rise to the figure of the lyre.


Prophecies corresponding in word or type with the figures and the names CAPRICORNUS
Texts where the word or its root is used in this sense in the Hebrew Bible Hebrew Roots
Gen 4:4
Exo 12:5
Hebrew name of the sign, Gedi, the kid; cut off   Judg 6:19  
  hew down Dan 4:14 dg
Arabic, Al Gedi, the same kid Exo 23:19  
Isa 53 Syriac, Gedi, the kid, (cut off, Syr.)
Lev 16:22 Coptic, Hupenius, station of bearing chamber
Psa 19:5
Lev 16:22
Isa 53:4
  Greek, Aigokereus, the goat
Latin, Capricornus, the goat, the atonement, sinking down  
Exo 30:10
Judg 5:27
Names in the Sign
Lev 16 Syr., Dabih, the sacrifice slain Gen 31:54 xbz
  Arab., Al Dabih, the sacrifice slain
  — Al Dshabeh, the same, (also the slaying, Arab.)
  — Ma'asad, the slaying, destroying Psa 91:6 d#
  — Sa'ad al Naschira, the record of the cutting off  
1 Chron 20:3
Job 16:19
Heb., Deneb, the Lord or Judge cometh Lord
Psa 110:1
Psa 68:5
Psa 40:7
First Decan
SAGITTA, The Arrow
Psa 38:2 Heb., Scham, destroying desolate Eze 35:12 M#
  Anciently said to be the Arrow that slew the Eagle.
Second Decan
AQUILA, The Eagle falling
Zech 13:6 Heb., g Tarared, wounded torn Jer 36:23 r(x
  he cometh down Psa 72:6 rry
Arab., a Al Tair, the wounding
  — Al Cair, the piercing Psa 22:16 r)k
  — Al Okab, wounded in the heel Gen 3:15 bq(
  — b Al Shain, the bright scarlet Josh 2:18 hn#
Heb., Deneb, as above
Third Decan
Called the DOLPHIN, but in the Egyptian planisphere
apparently figured as a vessel pouring out water.
Isa 44:3 Heb., Dalaph, pouring out of water dropping Prov 19:13 Pld
  Arab., Dalaph, coming quickly
Hab 2:3   — Scalooin, swift (as the flow of water) Job 24:18 lq(#)
  Syr. and Chald., Rotaneb, or Rotaneu, swiftly running (as water in the trough) Exo 2:16 +xd

The Goat always has the body of a fish in all the Eastern spheres, and in those of Egypt. The Greek sphere has an eagle in the Second Decan, with the end of the arrow; in the Third, the dolphin. In the Persian sphere, in the Third there seems to be both a fish and a stream of water.


Prophecies corresponding in word or type with the figures and the names AQUARIUS
Texts where the word or its root is used in this sense in the Hebrew Bible Hebrew Roots
Isa 44:3
Num 24:7
Hosea 6:2
Hebrew name, Deli, the water-urn bucket Num 24:7
Isa 40:15
  Arabic, Delu, the same
John 4:14, 7:37 Syriac, the same
  Coptic, Hupei Tirion, the station of pouring out Isa 32:15 hr(
Greek, Hydrokoeus, the pourer forth of water
Hosea 6:2 Latin, Aquarius, the rising up Eze 47:5 h)g
Joel 2:28 Latin, Aquarius, and pouring forth of water Isa 53:12 hr(
Names in the Sign
Acts 1:11 Heb., Scheat, who goeth and returneth went about Num 11:8 +#
  Arab., a Scheat er Schad, or Saad al Suud, who goeth and returneth, the pourer out, stream stream Num 21:15 d#
  — Ancha, the vessel of pouring out, the urn bowl Exo 25:29 hqn
  — a Sa'ad al Melik, record of pouring forth record
Job 16:19
Joel 3:18
Mon, or Meon, an Egyptian name in the urn, vessel or urn Dan 5:2 N)m
First Decan
Isa 44:3
Isa 65:13
PISCIS AUSTRALIS, The Southern Fish, drinking in the water from the urn
Eze 47:9 Arab., a Fom al Haut, mouth of the fish mouth
Dan 6:22 (or 23)
Psa 104:25
Second Decan
PEGASUS, The Winged Horse
Isa 64:5 Heb., a Markab, returning from afar Micah 4:3 qhr
Zech 1:8   — b Scheat, who goeth and returneth, (went about) Num 11:8  
Luke 19:12,15   — e Enif, the branch bough Lev 23:40 Pn(
Arab., Al Genib, who carries
  — Homan, the water Gen 1:2 Mym
  — Matar, who causes to overflow plenteous Deut 28:11 rhy
Rev 6:1
Rev 19:11
Gr. and Lat., Pegasus, coming quickly, joyfully meetest