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Selected Writings of John Bunyan


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1.  An Exposition on the First Ten Chapters of Genesis and Part of the Eleventh

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

2. Of Antichrist, and His Ruin: and of the Slaying of the Witnesses

A Particular Description of Antichrist
Where Antichrist First Appeared
Of the Ruin of Antichrist
The Soul of It Destroyed, and How
The Ordinances of Antichrist
The Body of Antichrist Destroyed, and How
Brave Days When Antichrist is Dead
Of the Manner of the Ruin of Antichrist
A Tenth Part Falls First
The Nine Parts Fall
Great Babel Falls
Of the Signs of the Approach of the Downfall of Antichrist
First Sign
Second Sign
Third Sign
Fourth Sign
Fifth Sign
Of the Instruments that God Will Use to Bring Antichrist to Ruin
Of the Causes of the Ruin of Antichrist--First Cause
Second Cause 
Third Cause
Fourth Cause
Fifth Cause
Sixth Cause
Seventh Cause

3. The Holy City; or, the New Jerusalem

First. The Vision of the Holy City in General
Second. A Discovery of Its Defence, Entrances, and Fashion in Particular
Third. A Relation of the Glory of the City, Its Walls, Gates, and Foundations
Fourth. The Inhabitants of the City, Their Quality, and Numerousness
Fifth. The Provision and Maintenance of the City, by Which It Continueth in Life, Ease, Peace, Tranquility, and Sweetness For Ever

4. The Resurrection of the Dead, and Eternal Judgment or  The Truth of the Resurrection of the Bodies Both Good and Bad at the Last Day: Asserted, and Proved by God's Word.

Also, the Manner and Order of Their Coming Forth of Their Graves; as Also, With What Bodies They Do Arise. Together With a Discourse of the Last Judgment, and the Final Conclusion of the Whole World

The Resurrection of the Just
The Manner of the Resurrection of the Just
The Judgment of the Just
The Reward of the Just
The Second Part of the Text: The Resurrection of the Wicked
Manner of the Resurrection of the Wicked
The Judgment of the Wicked
The Sentence and Punishment of the Wicked

5. The Strait Gate or Great Difficulty of Going to Heaven

Plainly Proving, by the Scriptures, That Not Only the Rude and Profane, But Many Great Professors, Will Come Short of That Kingdom

First. The Words By Way of Explication
An Intimation of the Kingdom of Heaven 
Description of the Entrance Into This Kingdom
An Exhortation to Strive to Enter Into this Kingdom
Motive to Strive to Enter Into this Kingdom
Import of the Words "Will Seek To Enter In"
Import of the Words "Shall Not Be Able" 
Second. The Words By Way of Observation
Reasons Why Few Are Saved
Use and Application of the Whole

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Selected Writings of John Bunyan
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